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Virgil Cresap Confederate Service
Virgil was born November 14, 1835 in Huntsville Alabama as the third of six children to Alexander Hamilton Cresap and Nancy Hess. Alexander Hamilton Cresap was the son of James Michael Cresap and grandson of Captain Michael Cresap. Michael was the son Of Thomas Cresap. In 1847 Alexander Cresap moved his family from Huntsville to Gibson County Tennessee. Here Alexander operated a tan yard and shoe shop in the Hopewell community, His parents are buried in the old Shiloh Cemetery in Gibson County.
His service record shows him as a Private in Company E, 1st regiment, 1st Division Missouri State Guard CSA. The records say their terms had expired and were are honorably discharged from service. The card is not dated. The cards show his residence at New Madrid Missouri with a term of service 6 months.
From the Widow Pension filed by his wife, Nancy Jane Cresap, and a witness, he was in Company D, 26th Ms Infantry and surrendered at Corinth Mississippi. No Confederate on- line record confirms his service with the 26th Mississippi.
His service records show he was a member of Forrest Regiment, Al cavalry, Company H which became Company H, 18th Regiment Tennessee Cavalry. This regiment was organized on June 1863 by increasing the unorganized battalion known as Julian's Alabama cavalry to a regiment. Virgil is shown with an enlistment date of Feb 1 1864 at Monterey Tennessee. The record shows a Promotion to 2d sergeant on February 1 1864.
Cards show Virgil as a Sergeant in Co H 18th Newsom's Tennessee Cavalry
He was wounded on July 13- 15, 1864 at Harrisburg Ms, while in the second division of Forrest cavalry including Mabry's brigade. Virgil was captured near Franklin Tennessee on Dec 16th 1864. The capture roles shows him as first Sergeant. On Dec 20, 1864 he was transferred from Louisville Military prison to Camp Douglas. His records as a POW also shows him as a member of the 19th Tennessee cavalry. He was received at Camp Douglas on Dec 22, 1864. He was paroled at Camp Douglas and transferred to Point Lookout for exchange on March 23 1864. He was received at Point Lookout March 31, 1865. He was released from Point Lookout on June 10,1865 having taken the oath
His release shows his place of residence as Gibson County Tennessee with Light complexion, auburn hair, Lt Blue eyes, and 5 ft 11 1/4 inches. On June 13, 1865 he reported to the office Provost Marshal office of refuges and rebel deserters in Washington DC and was provided transportation to Gibson county Tennessee. In December 1865 in Tishomingo County, MS, he and Nancy Jane Glidewell were married by the Baptist preacher Jiddy Skinner. She was the daughter of William Glidewell and Elizabeth Cook, and the sister to William, one of Virgil's comrades-in-arms during the war. Together Virgil and Nancy Jane raised twelve children. In the early 1880's, they moved north across the state line into Hardin County, TN to a farm that would later be flooded by the waters of Pickwick Dam. Virgil died on August 15, 1907, and is buried at White Sulphur Springs in Hardin County, TN. in Pickwick state park. Virgil is Eddy and Barty Cresap"s uncle. Virgil is the Uncle of Eddy and Barty Cresap. Virgil's brother was Nelson Adair Cresap , Lt in the 47th Tennessee Infantry.