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Re: Yankee Train robbery explained

Hello. Well, I believe it was 1864.
I never suggested it took place in Arkansas.
I said I lived in Arkansas.
I am trying to put together a history on the Civil War soldiers from both the Union and Confederate sides that lived within Lonoke County.
As it turns out, I had two great aunts who had a Wm. Herron as their father-in-law. I knew many of the Herron decendents as they were second cousins to me. I believe Herron was with General N. B. Forrest and the 7th Tennessee.
My actual info on this has come out of Illinois and a regimental history.
Now I know the train was robbed in Tennessee,and so I posted in Tennessee. I believe it was eight miles out of Murfreesboro having been down to Stevenson, Alabama and was returning with rations for the men there.
Gen. Forrest surrounded them and the Union soldiers held out for at least six hours hoping for help.
The Confederates tore up the tracks to keep the train from escaping. I have seen this discussed before.
Does any of this ring a bell?
Thanks! I will look forward to an additional posting.

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