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Major Dietrich Wintter was born in Bavaria, Germany. He immigrated to New Jersey, then later to Memphis Tennessee, where he practiced his trade, Architect. He died in Memphis in 1871, was survived by his second wife, Mary W Wintter, 4 or 5 children, and is buried in Elmwood Cemetery. Memphis, Tennessee.

Wintter designed and implemented the defenses at Island #10, Ft. Pillow and, working with Captain Samuel H. Lockett, the defenses at Vicksburg. Once Vicksburg’s defenses were jointly planned, Lockett was reassigned and was replaced by Wintter as Chief Engineer in Charge, Vicksburg Defenses, from the Fall of 1862 until the city fell in July 1863.

In 1864, Wintter was made Commander of the 2nd Regiment, CS Corps of Engineers, which consisted of 10 Engineering Companies, distributed in Virginia, NC, SC, GA, AL and MS. He was a very busy lad, traveling extensively as he managed troops across such a vast area.

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