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I got your email address from the CW Cemetery registration (The Tombstone Transcription Project). My name is Kristina Winters who recently acquired a CW confederate private hat from an estate in Tennesee, however......I want to present this to my brother who will be coming back from Iraq within two months. He has long been a collector for small and odd war memorabilia and I know this hat would really be a Gem for him to have. I do not know much about the uniforms and was hoping you can reference me to any archives or books that can tell me whether the one I have is real or many out there that have been forged and or maybe even real ......

It is an identified soldiers Kepi --- JNO (JONATHAN) Smith ...1st TENNESEE (stamped in a gold or maybe once black and now a light yellow color block style inside top of hat....the part that sits on the head). Leather on hat band is very stiff and still even has a sweat band stain around brim. I know this may be very little information to give and hope that you can reference me to perhaps finding this soldier or maybe even an appraiser..... Any information that you can give would be most appreciative.. I am hoping to make this a gift a nice one .... I could not get much out of the estate people about this hat and they didn't know much about the family. I would like to preserve the memory of the soldier by giving its history to my brother. By the looks of the sweat band...he worked awfully hard...

Thank you,
Kristina winters

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