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Tnx for the update about the Tennessee Civil War Museum that was in Chattanooga. Indeed that is the facility that I was referring to.

As to the Signal Point Museum, run by NPS, I was told quite some time agon now that two members of the National Regiment who once conducted a signal 'impression' sold some of their re-enacting gear to the NPS to be displayed at one of their sites in the Mid-west.

Included were flags and taper'd poles with screw-on brass ferrules. Top quality gear for the early eighties. I'm not certain as to what else may have gone with the signal kit. Who knows, some items in their kit may indeed have been originals. If anyone can get to look at the assession records at the various NPS and other sites about the area, it would be great to be provided with each article's documnetation. The donors of the items I am speaking of were Kit Cooper and Will Hutcheson [sp?].

A tremendous amount is still a mystery as to signal corps equipments but with the generous assistance of folks such as yourself, we may yet bring it all to-gether. In fact, we have a group attepting such at present and may be reached at the Signal Corps Association (1860-1865) in the link below.

Tnx Agn Lee

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