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Matthias Judd, Union Soldier

Hello everyone. I'm brand new to this message board. My name is Bill Nash. I have 18 ancestors that served in the Civil War. I have enjoyed reading the posts here! Anyway, I'd like to ask if anyone has info on my great great grandfather- would love to hear from you! Here is a brief bit about his service:

Matthias Judd was a 21 year old farmer when he enlisted in the Union Army at Livingston, Tennessee. He was 5 feet 4 inches tall with blue eyes, light hair, and a fair complexion. During his term of service, his unit saw action at Carthage, Livingston, Salma, and Butler's Landing (all in Tennessee). After the war, he became a circuit riding preacher and was the Pastor of Goodwill Baptist Church. He is buried in Judd Cemeterey, Cookville, Tennessee.

Civil War Military Information

Branch of Service: Army-Infantry

Company/Regiment: 1st Tennessee Mounted Infantry, Co. I
Date of Service: 08/20/1864
Starting Rank: Private
Discharge Rank: Corporal
Date of Discharge: 07/22/1865
Reason for Discharge: War ended.