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don't know if this is a relation or not, but you might want to check out Cherokee county, AL. I come from William Thomas Daniel that served with the Ga 34th. We have letters that mention the Cunningham family. So far we haven't tied in with blood to this bunch, but seems that the Daniel and Cunningham families ran around in the same neck of the woods from GA to AL. My guy went to his home state to join up, which involved just crossing the state line in Chattooga county, GA Anyway, here are the Cunninghams talked about in the letters
Franklin Cunningham of Cherokee county Al, son of James yanks got him at Barker's Bridge MS James went to get him

Mr. James Cunningham of Cherokee county AL

Mrs. Cunningham, James' wife

Sarah Cunningham died in Cherokee county, AL

I don't know if this helps or not some of the other families mentioned are Perkins, Richardson, Stovall,Baker, Beasley, Alfred, Carson, Daniel, Denman, Howard, FAulkner, Force, Grub, Hardy, Johns,Lea, Paton, Sharp, Richie, Talent, Thomas, and Whitworth. Dont' know if you might have some of these in the area. Just a shot in the dark here.

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