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A little bit of a mystery as its not clear what battery if any, was assigned to Pegram's cavalry brigade at the battle of Stone's River. The Official Record you quoted has a order-of-battle which indicates Pegram's brigade with the army on December 31st, 1862 but with no battery. However, in OR 20, part II, page 414, appears a order-of-battle for the troops under Kirby Smith in East Tennessee on Nevember 20th. It lists Pegram's brigade in East Tennessee, with the battery of W.R. Marshall as part of the brigade.
My thoughts are that Pegram's cavalry brigade was part of Kirby Smith's East Tennessee command, stationed in that region. When the battery moved to Murfreesboro in December, 1862, it left Marshall's battery behind as that battery is not indicated as serving with the Army of Tennessee but in East Tennessee in December. Pegram's brigade retuened to East Tennessee quickly after Stone's River.
Huwald's battery is also indicated as serving in East Tennessee and not Murfreesboro during this time.

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