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A GGGGrandfather in a CSA and two USA regiments

One of my great great great grandfathers, Quenius Eisenhour, was born in Cocke County, and resided there when the WBTS began. From the solders and sailors website, and information provided from another Eisenhour ancestor, it appears Quenius was on both sides, in three different regiments, during the conflict. (As his first and last names are also subject to variation, it appears he was officially listed under a different name in each unit):

He was first in the 62nd Tenn Infantry, C.S.A., under "Ireneus Isenhour." On a site re Vicksburg, I did not find his name listed with the Confederate forces surrended in July 1863.

Apparently, he was next in the 3rd Tenn Mounted Infantry (USA), as "Eranious Eisenhour." From the scant information available on this regiment, it seems a bizare unit, raised for 90 days service in the summer of 1864. Apparently, it was made up in large part of both Union and Confederate deserters, its appointed commander never appeared, companies acted independantly of one another, and by the time the unit was mustered out, some companies (including my ggggrandfather's)had near, or over, half their men desert.

Lastly, he was in the 8th Tenn Infantry, under the name "Iramons Eisenhour." (One of his brothers was also in the 8th, and two more in the 4th Tenn Inf(USA)).

I am interested in any information as to when Quenius Eisenhour entered, and departed, these various units, or any other interesting facts about him or the three regiments. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bret Weatherford