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WBTS NEWS: Scandinavians in CSA !

Hi, folks !

I do give you all at the board the first chance of being first to view a world happening in Confederate history since the war ended.

The first draft of the pages are available for viewing.
"Scandinavian soldiers in the Confederate Forces"- "THE FORGOTTEN BOYS OF THE SOUTH"

The main contributor to the site are not me, but a long time contributor to WBTS in the States and the Scandinavian community:- the honoroble Lars Gjertveit, Commander of 7th TEXAS Infantry Reenactors in Norway and Adjutant of the European Camp#1612 of SCV.

The project are a part of; a project to present the WBTS/Civil War in a Scandinavian language that I am working on. This project will take several years to finish, but my goal is to present it in 2005.

The main aim are to give students a look into WBTS in a wide perspective.As in US today, they do also get the PC version of the war. Most of the students in Scandinavia do not know that there was about 13000 of their own countrymen takeing part in it. On top of this, the Southern participation have not been in the picture at all... .

Since I do know the Scandinavian participation in CSA also are an unknown factor in the Southern community, I thought it was necessary to make the site for both communities first and in English.

The project are an "on going one", so information will be added as they are revealed. As for a number of Scandinavian participation in the CSA it seems that there are allot more than historians have beleived so far. Look here for an example:

The site I am about to present for you do mainly present Norwegians, and just them are about 140. I do beleive we`ll find a larger number of Swedes and a lesser number of Danes when they are presented in a wide manner.

There are in other words; allot of work to be done yet. In time to come I`ll be getting info on Danes, so they will be added to the site.

But, one thing are sure:- Scandinavians did fight for the Confederacy. The site will be a surprise for many of you.

I would like to get comments on it, folks.

NB: It only "works" in IE for the moment. I have to tweak some code to get it functioning nicely in other browsers.

If you know of any Scandinavian (Swede,Dane,Finn or Norwegian) I`ve not covered from the state of Tennessee,let me know.

Roy H Larsen
Sitemaster of
7th Texas Infantry
3rd Texas Cavalry