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62nd Tenn Infantry Movements
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The 62nd Tenn. was at the time of Vicksburg attached to BGen. John Crawford Vaughn's East Tennessee Brigade.

Following exchange, Vaughn through personnel correspondence
with Pres. Davis, got his brigade reorganized as a Cavlry brigade.

On Nov. 4, 1864, to his depleted brigade, was added Col. A. W. Reynold's East Tennessee Units, the 3rd Tenn, 31/39th Tenn., 43rd Tenn., and 59th Tenn. Vaughn's original brigade consisted of the 60th, 61st, and 62nd Tenn. Much of his brigade was captured on Pemberton's retreat into Vicksburg following the battles of Champions Hill and Big Black River. Throughout the siege, his brigade manned the siege line at the extreme left of the Confederate line.

Vaughn, in late May of 1864 had his brigade dismounted and entrained to the Shenadoah Valley to assist in the defense against Gen. Hunter's raid through the valley. They almost captured Washington, DC, then called Washington City.

Additional information may be found on my web page for my ggrandfather's 43rd Tenn:

I would be pleased to share with you any information I may possess that you are seeking. In return, I would love to see what you get on the service record of your ancestor. However, as you suggest, it will most likely be extremely meager. I possess the five microfilm records for the 43rd Tenn. With few exceptions, enlisted records only record the bimonthly pay musters of the regiment. Only the officers records show some additional records. No muster records exist post Vicksburg!

Good hunting, and looking forward to further correspondence.

George Martin
Sparks, NV

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