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Thunder in the Ozarks by William L. Shea

If you don't have a subscription or you haven't picked up this month's copy of North & South Magazine at your local bookstore, this is one issue you need to get.

Our own, Dr. Bill Shea, valued message board contributor and author of a number of great books, including "Pea Ridge; Civil War Campaign in the West", has contributed an outstanding article this month entitled "Thunder in the Ozarks; The Battle of Prairie Grove". As always, Dr. Shea's writing and research skills are clearly evident in this thorough and masterfully written article. There are also some outstanding maps of different stages in the conflict. The artwork and photos used contribute to the quality of this piece. I urge you to get a copy of this issue; however you can. This article, along with Dr. Shea's earlier article on the battle/skirmish at Van Buren, AR continue to add much needed scholarship to an understanding of the war in Arkansas and the Trans-Mississippi.

Thanks Dr. Shea!

Jim Martin