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After getting some excellent tips herein on this board, we went to the aforementioned NPS/Sailors & Soldiers site and viewed all of the members of the 3rd Texas Infantry.

Our focus was on Company 'B'. From that viewing, we compiled a listing of all the members, as listed, of this company. There were many repeats, as results of mis-spellings, etc. and as such, we combined them into the one individual. Also, not knowing that wife was going to type and compile the list, as I called them out to her, I often times did not refer to the proper rank.... thus most are listed as Privates. If this is a problem with you, kindly re-check the listing yourself to ascertain if this was correct or incorrect.

In many instances, the individual had been in several companies.... so we included him as such.

The listing, all 223 members, as we prepared it, generally in alphabetical order, is below............

Texas 3rd Infantry Regiment B

Price Ahrens, Pvt.
Jacob Aisenhauer, Pvt.
H. E. Baumeister, Pvt.
Charles Bechstadt, Pvt.
T.H.Bechstadt, Pvt.
James Bell, Pvt.
W. Berger, Pvt./Sgt.
George Bergfeld, Musician
_ Biemchussel
F. G. Biering, Pvt.
P. J. Biesenbach, Pvt.
Wm Biesenback, Pvt
Pel Bonn, Pvt.
H. Bradherrig, Pvt.
A. Briam, Pvt.
_ Brieden, Pvt.
C. Brinkisch, Pvt.
Alex Brinkmann, Pvt.
Charles Brinkmann, Pvt
Charles Bririn, Pvt.
A. Britten, Pvt.
C. Bruckishch, Pvt.
John Bruckner, Cpl.
W. Bull, Pvt./Cpl
Frederick Bunkhard, Pvt.
Charles Bunny
J. Butz, Pvt./1st Sgt.
* Emil Claude, Pvt.
* T. Claude, Pvt.
Charles Crenvelge, Pvt.
F. Crenvelge, Pvt.
T. Cronen, Pvt.
W. H. Deuessen, Sgt./Pvt.
* Gustave Dolphus, Pvt.
J. Drinkle, Pvt.
A. Eichler, Pvt.
Jac Eisenhauer, Pvt.
E. Elser, Pvt.

F. Enderle, Pvt.
Chr. Engel, Pvt.
* J. G. Englemann
* W. C. Estelle , Pvt./Sgt. Major
Aug. Evers, Pvt.
George Fifer, Pvt.
A. Fischer, Pvt.
F. Fischer, Pvt.
Henry Fost, Pvt.
Dan Fromme, Pvt.
A. Garrel, Pvt.
W. G. Geissler, Pvt
G. W. Genser, Pvt.
Theodore Ferfers, Pvt.
Adam Girrell, Pvt.
* Ernst Goeth, Pvt.
Adam Gorrell, Pvt.
A. J. Grimsinger, Pvt.
John Groben, Pvt.
Wil Haefling, Pvt.
* H. Hainen, Pvt.
* P. Hainen, Pvt.
* A. Halberdier, Pvt.
_ Halekamp, Pvt.
George Hammett, Pvt.
Joseph Hampel, Pvt.
J. M. Hanck, Sgt.
P. Hansen, Pvt.
I M. Harber, Pvt.
Aug. Hartmann, Pvt.
L. Hartmann, Pvt.
J. M. Hauck, Sgt.
_ Hefling, Pvt.
* Agustave Heinan, Pvt.
* Henry Heinan, Pvt.
Pet. Hienen, Pvt.
F. Heitman, Pvt.
Heim Heyman, Pvt.
_ Hirdon, Pvt.
W. Holfling, Pvt.
Charles Hoffmann, Pvt.
F. Holekamp, Pvt.
_ Huntmann, Pvt.
Fredrick Icke, Pvt.
Phillipp Immeke, Sgt.
F. Jenull, Pvt.
Heine Jinke, Pvt.
Wilh. Jinke, Pvt.
T. W. Johnson, Pvt.
H. Jost, Pvt.
Thom Jugenheitt, Pvt.
John Juste, Pvt.
L. Juste, Pvt.
L. Kaupert, Pvt.
Charles Kehe, Pvt.
G. Kiessling, Pvt.
_ Killring, Pvt.
Adam Klein, Pvt.
J. Klein, Pvt.
*Carl Klemme, Pvt.
W. Klier, Pvt.
Fred Koehler, Pvt.
*August Koenig, Pvt.
G. W. Krauss, Pvt.
L. Krauss, Pvt.
W. Krauss, Pvt.
1st, C Krauss
2nd, L Krauss
3rd, G. W. Krauss
H. Krellig, Pvt.
A. Kugelmann, Pvt.
F. Kuhne, Pvt.
W. Kuhne, Pvt.
O. Labhardt, Cpl.
C. Lager, Pvt.
W. Lane, Pvt.
Joseph Lange, Pvt.
C. Layer, Pvt.
Joseph Legendecker, Pvt.
V. Lehnhard, Cpl./Pvt.
E. Leick, Pvt.
Lawrence Leonard, Pvt.
Karl Lestich, Pvt.
_ Leuntezel, Pvt.
J. Leyendecker, Pvt.
C. Leyer, Pvt.
1st Jos. L. Lieck
2nd Charles Lieck
3rd Ed Lieck
H. Lindenberg, Pvt.
H. Lochte, Pvt.
_ Lowdenberg, Pvt.
_ Lungel, Pvt.
M. Luntzel, Pvt.
Joseph Mann, Pvt.
J. Margraf, Pvt.
A. Margraf, Pvt.
L. Marguart, Pvt.
F. Mark, Pvt.
A. Markgraf, Pvt.
J. Jul. Margraf
R. W. Marks, Pvt.
Louis Marqart, Pvt.
_ Massey, Pvt.
Charles Mayer, Pvt.
John Morrisey, Pvt.
C. Morton, Pvt.
La_b Morton, Pvt.
A. Moye, 1st Lt./Capt.
A. Muller, Pvt.
John Mussey, Pvt.
Ed Naegelin, Musician
John Neagebauer, Pvt.
Joseph Neakebaur, Pvt.
_ Nearn. Pvt.
J. G. Nedon, Pvt.
G. Neidon, Pvt.
*John B. Nelson, Pvt.
A. Obert, Pvt.
G. Oeterbolz, Pvt.
* John Pankratz, Musician
* Edward Peferling, Pvt.
* J. G. Peifer, Pvt.
Henry Pfeffer, Pvt.
* J. Georg Pfeifer, Pvt.
August Pfeil, Pvt.
* Johann Georg Pfeuffer, Pvt.
* Edward Pheffling, Pvt.
Georg Piefer, Pvt.
Frank Polok, Pvt.
F. C. Radcliff, 1st Sgt./Capt.
Joseph Reidinger, Pvt.
G. Reimschussel, Pvt.
Joseph Rilling, Pvt.
C. Riosing, Pvt.
Daniel Roberts, Pvt.
A. Rose, Pvt.
F. Rothe, Pvt.
Joseph Rudinger, Pvt.
H. Sadler, Pvt.
John Sauter, Pvt.
F. R. Schaefer, Pvt.
Louis Schieck, Pvt./ Cpl.
* Herman Schleining, 2nd Lt.
Nic. Schmidt, Pvt.
*Louis Schuech, Pvt./Cpl.
P. Schumacker, Pvt.
Edw Schwabe, Pvt.
1, J. A. Seffel, Pvt.
2, A. Seffel, Pvt.
John Seibel, Pvt.
John Sonnen, Pvt.
*Wm. Stopper, Pvt.
B. Studer, Pvt.
H. Taps, Pvt.
H. Tays, Pvt.
J. H. Timcke, Pvt
* Jacob Trenkle, Pvt.
_ Tummerick, Sgt/Sgt.
Agustave Uhl, Pvt./2nd Lt.
_ Velton, Pvt.
P. Vogt, Pvt.
M. Volpert, Pvt.
Theodore Vopel, Pvt.
W. Wadner, Pvt.
P. Wagener 2nd Lt./Capt.
L. Wagner, Pvt.
Michael Walsh, Pvt.
_ Wegener, Pvt.
_ Weidner, Pvt.
John Weigand, Pvt./Sgt.
W. Weilbacher, Pvt.
John Weiler, Assist Cook
_ Weim, Pvt.
Ernst Weinhold, Pvt.
_ Weiss, Pvt.
_Welch, Pvt.
W. R. Welke, Pvt.
H. Weltin, Pvt.
John Wentz, Pvt.
_ Weraner, Pvt.
_Werlbackes, Pvt.
Gustave Wetzel, Pvt
Wm. Weyel, Pvt.
John Wiegand, Pvt
Jac. Wilkins Pvt./Sgt.
1st, John Wilkins
Jacob Wohlgemuth, Pvt.
Henry Yost, Pvt.
* L. Zachmann, Pvt.
* Phillip Zachmann, Pvt.

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