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For those of you who are intrested, there is a web site that I worked over 25 years to put together. The reading, the study, the civil war roundtables, and the study at college, and almost 20 years re-enacting gave me the info that is on the web site. If your pro-north or if your pro-south you will not like it very much. This is as unbais as I can get it. I am a Texan by birth, a southerner at heart, and an citizen of the U.S. throughout. So there are no axes to be grinding here. It does have a couple of mistakes on it. I am dyslexic and have the tendence to mis-words or leave them out because I have gone on to the next sentence in my mind. Take some time and read. It will not be very farvorable to the U.S. government, but when has the U.S. government ever not have something going wrong with it. Example: according to the newspaper, 65% of every dollar goes to pay for collecting that dollar. We still have the best gov. in the world and that is why the CSA copied the U.S. Constitution almost word for word. Read and enjoy; you will see there is lots to it, and turn up you volume and click on the generals pics. for bios. The web site is: There is a place to respond direct to me on the web site or you may do so here. Thank you for you time and I send my best regards to you and yours.

Your Obedient Servant,

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