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Renae Bates,

Your "S. W. Walker" is mentioned at least twice in my 128-page Name Index.

"S.W. Walker" was in Company B. of Col. A. M. Alexander's 34th Cavalry Regiment, or the 2nd Regiment Partisan Rangers, which he deserted. ..Later in 1863, he reenrolled in the Confederacy in the Brush Battalion.

I feel that my most important contribution to Texas history is my study of the Confederate Brush Battalion. ..I was the first to transcribe the BOURLAND PAPERS, which is the best resource for the Brush Battalion of North Texas. .. That's right, these records had never been transcribed, interpreted, indexed, and published.

Your "S. W. Walker" could have been in a militia in an adjacent county under another name such as William. ..Also, I may have mistranscribed his name because a handwritten capital "S." can easily be mistaken for a capital "L." .. Below are the "Walker" entries in my Name Index.


__, (Capt, Texas Rangers, TST), A-89
__, (Co F, Bourland's Regt), A-20, A-21, A-30
__, (Co G, Bourland's Regt), A-21, A-30
A. A. (Lamar Co, TST), A-109
A. J. (Sgt, Clay & Montague Co's, TST), A-274, A-295, A-317
A. M. (Davis Co, TST), A-44
A. (Red River Co, TST), A-71
Abraham H. (Fannin Co, TST), A-139, A-148
Amos (Denton Co, TST), A-281
Andrew (Collin Co TX), A-183
Andrew (Quantrill's Raiders, MO CSA), 210
B. A. (Lamar Co, TST), A-113
B. L. (Fannin Co, TST), A-148
B. M. (1866 Whitesboro Masonic Lodge, TX), 238
B. W. (Bowie Co, TST), A-47
Betty, Ms. (Collin Co TX), A-183
C. J. (Co B, Alexander's Regt, Brush Battalion, CSA), A-340
C. M. (Texas Rangers, TST), A-222
C. M. (Titus Co, TST), A-84
Charles, b-1827 (Fannin Co, TST), A-146
Charles H., b-1837 (Sgt, Texas Rangers, TST), A-221
Charles P. (Montague Co, TST), A-294
Charles (Red River Co, TST), A-66
Creed (Lamar Co, TST), A-112
Daniel (Sgt, Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-345
Felix (Montague Co, TST), A-296
G. M. (Parker Co, TST), A-316
G. W. (Grayson Co, TST), A-169, A-201
G. W. (Lt, Marion & Titus Co's, TST), A-34, A-55
George (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-346
George W. (Creek Nation, I.T., CSA), A-446
H. M. (Red River Co, TST), A-69
Henderson C. (1842, Stiff's Minute Men), 42
Henry (Co H, Bourland's Regt), A-20, A-30
Hogner (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-346
Howell (Palo Pinto Co, TST), A-311
J. A. (Cpl, Titus Co, TST), A-85
J., b-1818 (Fannin Co, TST), A-146
J. E. (Denton Co, TST), A-281
J. E. (Hopkins Co, TST), A-114
J. E. (Red River Co, TST), A-63
J. G. (Co D, Bourland's Regt), 283, A-20, A-25, A-29
J. H. (Tarrant Co, TST), A-245
J. J. C. (Red River Co, TST), A-65
J. L. (Lt, 2d Frontier Dist, TST), A-300
J. N. (Lt, Stephens Co, TST), A-329
J. O. (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-342, A-347
J. W. (Co D, Bourland's Regt), A-20, A-29
J. W. (Denton Co, TST), A-281
J. W. (Saufley's Scouting Battalion, CSA), A-45
James, b-1825 (Capt, Fannin Co, TST), A-137
James, b-1837 (Capt, Fannin Co, TST), A-123, A-148
John E. (Orderly Sgt, Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-348
John G. (Maj-Gen, CSA), 167, 275, 279, 299, A-7, A-8, A-18
L. B. (Tarrant Co, TST), A-245
L. D. (Hopkins Co, TST), A-118
L. N. (Davis Co TX), A-38
Leander C. (1842, Stiff's Minute Men), 42
Leroy Pope (civilian Sec of War, CSA), 113, 120, 126, A-240, A-360, A-361, A-363, A-364, A-389
M. V. B. (Red River Co, TST), A-69
Madison H., b-1826 or b-1814 (Cooke & Wise Co's, TST), A-271, A-330, A-332
Mary (Walker) Blackburn, 1864, stop on a stage line, 6 miles S.W. of now Blanco, Pittsburg Co OK, 235
Nelson (Lamar Co, TST), A-112
Newton (Fannin Co, TST), A-148
Phillip (Johnson Co TX), A-220
Preston W., b-1828 (Cooke & Wise Co's, TST), A-271, A-333
Q. (Lamar Co, TST), A-108
R. B. (Co B, Alexander's Regt, Brush Battalion, CSA), 238, A-340
R. C. (Lamar Co, TST), A-112
R. M. (Wise Co, TST), A-297
Rosie, Mrs. (Collin Co TX), A-183
S. G. (Wise Co, TST), A-330
S. H. (Parker Co, TST), A-241
S. W. (Co B, Alexander's Regt, Brush Battalion, CSA), A-112, A-340
Steven (Cpl, Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-343, A-345
Tandy (Col, IT CSA), 218, 235, A-7, A-8, A-409, A-412
Thomas (Lt, Hunt Co, TST), A-125
Vander (Cooke Co, TST), A-305
W. C. (Cass Co, TST), A-44
W. D., b-1837 (Hopkins & Hunt Co's, TST), A-118, A-153, A-425
W. G. (1866 Whitesboro Masonic Lodge, TX), 238
W. H. (Fannin Co, TST), A-150
W. (Hopkins Co, TST), A-118
W. J. (Red River Co, TST), A-64
W. M. (Collin Co TX), A-183
W. W. (Red River Co, TST), A-69
Walker (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-341, A-347, A-348
Walker's (Tandy) Brigade (IT, CSA), A-10, A-25
Warren (Fannin Co, TST), A-148
Williamson (Collin Co, TST), A-185
Wm. (Fannin Co, TST), A-148
Wm. (Hopkins Co, TST), A-118
Wm. (Lamar Co, TST), A-113
Wm. (Lee's Light Artillery, IT CSA), A-427
Wm. P. (Davis Co TX), A-38
Wm. (Red River Co, TST), A-51, A-64, A-66
Wm. (Wise Co, TST), A-330

Please post or send the skinny on your "S.W. Walker."


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