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H. R. Bartlett, Co. B Infantry, Waul's TX Legion

I just found your website today. I notice some interest in Dr. Robert Hasskarl's book, "Waul's Texas Legion, 1862-1865". After reading the book and examining the muster roll I found that the name of my great-grandfather, Hiram Richard Bartlett, was missing. I contacted Dr. Hasskarl and informed him of the omission. He apologized and said that if he published a subsequent printing he would see that this error was corrected. I am not aware of a subsequent printing, so I would like to inform you concerning the service to the Confederacy of Hiram Richard "Dick" Bartlett. In 1861 he enlisted in Young's 9th Texas Infantry. Then, when that unit was dissolved in 1862, he enlisted in Waul's Texas Legion (along with many of his fellow Freestone County friends). Contrary to what I have read in some accounts of Waul's Texas Legion, the Legion was organized in Brenham, Texas (not Houston), and trained in a spot along New Year's Creek, near present-day Gay Hill, in Washington, County. According to my understanding, the Legion was on the way to Arkansas when they were ordered to go to Vicksburg. Waul's Texas Legion was sent to the north of Vicksburg to attempt to stop the advance of Sherman on the large lumber yards and shipbuilding facilities at Yazoo City, Mississippi. It was during this defensive action Hiram Richard Bartlett was wounded, hospitalized, and subsequently taken prisoner when Yazoo City fell to the Federals (see "Naval Forces in Western Waters", page 9- communication from Lt. Commander John G. Walker to Acting Rear Admiral David D. Porter, Commanding Mississippi Squadron). Lt. Commander Walker states, "In the hospitals I found and paroled 115 solders..."
In the Muster Roll of Company B, Waul's Texas Legion, the name of Richard Bartlett appears on a "Roll of Prisoners of War captured and paroled by the U. S. Forces at Yazoo City, Miss., May 21, 1863. His name also appears on the Muster Roll on a "List of Paroled Prisoners in Camp at Demopolis, Ala., June 5, 1863, in charge of Major Henry C. Davis (the officer who paroled him was Kendricks). The name of Hiram Richard Bartlett, Pvt., Co. B, 2 Batt, Tex. Legion, is shown on this same Muster Roll as appearing on a register of !st Mississippi C. S. A. Hospital, Jackson, Mississippi. He was admitted to this hospital on August 28, 1863 and furloughed on November 3, 1863. The Muster Roll shows that he was "Discharged on Surgeon's Certificate (date not shown, but reference is made to Chap. 1, Vol. 184, 14-1-B. Paper not on file.) The Muster Roll further shows that his name was "droped from the Muster Roll by order of Col B. Timmons" and "Left on the East Side of the Miss. River."
Hiram Richard Bartlett's wounds and related physical problems are named in his "Application for Pension" in the State of Arkansas. The description and character of his wounds are given in the page "Evidence of Physician": "Left elbow dislocated, cripling (sic) that arm considerably. Gun shot wound in the back just above the left hip. Range of bullet affecting spine in lumbar region. Right oblique inguinal hernia...Besides or in connection with the above named wounds and injuries, he has chronic gastritis and Bright's Disease of the kidneys...He should be classed as totaly (sic) disabled." Physicians have told me that the Bright's Disease likely was caused by the lead of the bullet that was lodged near his spine. This disease finally caused his death on June 30, 1908.
I admit that this message is rather lengthy, but I feel inclined, while there is breath in my body, to do what I can to see that this man's service to his country, and the suffering that resulted from that service, does not go unnoticed. The marker on his grave in the McGee Cemetery, Stratford, OK, carries no indication that he served the Confederacy. However, thanks to the American Legion of Stratford, when informed that he was a Confederate Veteran, has since placed a U. S. Flag thereupon each Memorial Day.
I thank each of you who takes the time to read this letter.
May God bless you.
John R. Gantt, Jr.
3807 Kelli Lane
Bryan, TX 77802-4122

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