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I am also looking for information on William Rainey Evans. I have copies of his muster roll and his pay & Clothing allowance for his 2 months with the Confederacy, from the National Archives. He was paid $47.60 on March 28, 1863.

I am Gr-Grandaughter of W.R., through his oldest daughter Jessie (Evans) Smith and Loma (Smith) Wilks. My sister, Brownwood TX, and I have been looking when we have the time to devote to it, for several years.

We are also looking for his father-in-law, Robert Lee. I decided if I couldn't find anything more on the men themselves, I would find out about the units they were in during the civil war. (I also have Robert's muster rolls from the National Archives.) I'm not having a lot of luck on the Texas State Troops (Galveston Coast Guard). That's what I was searching for when I found your post. Maybe you know all about that, since you live in Galveston. Or know where to look. I have been wondering how to find out where to look. We lived in Galveston during WWII. We kids loved it there. We lived on Church St, or F St, I believe it was.

How are you related to W.R.? Are you a descendent of Raney Evans? I would love to know something about him and his parents.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
My best to you.

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