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Texas White House

Just sharing some family history. Maybe it will help someone out there.

Greenberry H. Harrison came to Texas before 1839 and served as the Representative from Houston Co., in the 5th Congress of the Republic of Tex.
during the session of congress in Austin, 1841, Greenberry H. Harrison was married a second time, to Mrs. Ann C. mcKinstry, the widow of George B. McKinstry. The McKinstry's were prominent figures of the Republic. It was in their home that Stephen f. Austin died 27 Dec. 1836. (Austin Papers, Vol. 1, pg. 5; Ed. - Eugene C. Barker) The wedding ceremony of Greenberry H. Harrison, and Mrs. Ann C. McKinstry took place at the "Texas White House" with Pres. Mirabeau Lamar acting as host to the wedding party. (Anson Jones, Last Pres. of Tex. Page 210, by Herbert Gambrell)

Gary Ayres