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Confederate Soldiers Reburied in Houston, Texas

The remains of 27 bodies, presumably Confederate Soldiers, were reburied in Houston recently in August 2006 after their graves were accidently dug up during a construction project for the Houston Fire Department back in 1986. The HFD Maintenance Building was built in 1968 on top of the old City Cemetery which housed thousands of graves of pioneer citizens, confederate and union soldiers and victims of a yellow fever epidemic. The City of Houston also built Jefferson Davis Hospital (a charity hospital) in 1924 on top of this same cemetery after the city took over the cemetery and declared that the area was no longer designated as a cemetery and needed the space to build the hospital which was located near the railroad tracks where both confederate and union soldiers were brought in and treated during and after the civil war. The old Jefferson Davis hospital which had been vacant for decades was spared from the wrecking ball and has been renovated into loft apartments through a grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. When the bodies were discovered 20 years ago, they were set aside for further research and forgotten over the years. They are now buried in a small patch of grass which is fenced inside the HFD Maintenance Facility and bears a small marker that was put there back in the 1980's when the bodies were first discovered.

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