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Casualties, 4 TX, 2 Manassas

I do no know how many local Texas papers picked up the casualties in the Texas Brigade, but occasionally the Virginia papers would print casualty lists of units of the Texas Brigade. The following appeared in the Richmond Daily Whig, 11 Sep 62, p. 2, c. 3, 4:


The following lists of casualties in the 4th and 5th Texas Regiments have been furnished us for publication. It will be seen that the gallant 5th Texas suffered very severely. We are informed that it encountered a Regiment of Zouaves, which had been brought up for the express purpose of wiping out the Texans, but was inself nealry annihilated, only some thirty of them escaping unhurt:

Lieut. Col. B. F. Carter, Commanding.

Field and Staff - Major Wm P Townsend, severely; leg since amputated.

Company A, Capt S A Darden, comd'g. - Killed - None. Wounded - Sgts G. E. Lynch, slight in thigh; F J Thomas, severely in cheek; Robert Thomas, severely in ankle; Col. Sergt E D Francis, severely in chest; Privates Frank Davis, slight in hip; J M Hopkins, severely in thigh; T. B. Stasfield, slight in shoulder; Thos Vaud, severe in head; E R Walker, severe in thigh.

Company B, 1st Lt J T McLaurin, comd'g. - Killed - Sergt Niles Fawcett, Private Jas H Thomas. Wounded - Sergt W McAually, severe in shoulder; Corp S H Burnham, severe in thigh; Privates W C Calucun, slight, arm and face; Wm M Chandler, slight in leg; R W Hamby, slight, in hip; R W Hopson, slight in neck; N W Mayfield, slight in thigh; Jno F McGehee, slight in head; A G Campbell, slight in head; G H Crozier, severe in arm; G W Dunkin, severe in chest; Isaas Stein, severe in arm, amputated; A S Roberts, slight in ankle.

Company C, Captain D W Barzza - Killed - Privates Andrew Henden and W G Whiddon. Wounded - Capt D W Barzza, slight in the arm; Sergeant Galloway, severely, leg amputated; Sergeant E O Wood, , severely, chest; Private Y O Talbot, severely, both legs; Private W S Kirk, severely, leg amputated; H Van Duson, slight, ankle; W J Livingston, slight, hand; L D Keith, slight, concussion.

Company D, First Lieutenant Ed Duggin, commanding - Killed L. T. J Johnson, Private James W Whitehead. Wounded - Lt A D Jeffries, slight, leg; Corporal R J Burgess, severe, hip; Privates Richard Jones, severe, foot; Thos Cox, slight, arm; R H Rhodes, slight, hip; Jno R Jefferson, slight, arm.

Company E, Lt J C Billingsley commanding. - Killed - Sergeant R S Dean, Privates P C Bible and Joseph B Clark. Wounded - Sergeant P M Ripley, slight, knee; Corporal J. L Rogers, severe, both hands and ankle; Corporal E Hill, slight leg; Private T L Dunklin, severe, since died; Private B G Edwards, severe, side, shoulder and ankle; Private R M Jones, severe, arm and leg; Private W A Pamplin, severe, shoulder; Private Chas M Whitehead, severely, leg and shoulder; Private S C Peters, slight, thigh; Private W S Robinson, slight, hand.

Company F, Captain E H Cunningham commanding - Killed - Private Simon Wolf. Wounded - Private Albert Snead, severe, foot; Private W F Floyd, slight, neck; Private Jas Alford, slight, leg.

Company G, Captain R H Basset commanding - Killed - Private M E Hadden. Wounded - Jas W Montgomery, slight, hand; Private Walter Wilson, severe, thigh; Private Job Jackson, slight, hand; Private Joe Plaster, slight, leg. Missing - First Lieut T C Buffington, (prisoner;) Corporal J M T Hays.

Company H, Captain James T. Hunter commanding. Killed - Second Lieut. C. E Jones; Privates T A Drent, H C Watson, R W Ransom. Wounded - Captain J T Hunter, severe, thigh; Third Lieut M. C. Holmes, severe, leg amputated; Corporal B. F. Bullcok, slight, thigh; Corporal Louis Conally severe, shoulder. Privates S W Wynne, severe, shoulder; R C Dawson, severe, face; S P King, severe, thigh; Calbut Doudy, slight, leg; J H Sharp, slight, thigh; Louis Laventuer, slight, leg; T A Wynn, slight, leg; W C May, slight, arm and breast; B B Wilkes, slight, finger. Missing - Private J H Hall.

Company I, Capt C M Winkler, com'ing. Killed, Privates J M McMorris; J R Beasley, R N Rice. Wounded, Sergt T R Morris, severe shoulder; Privates G W Foster, do, thigh; J H Herbert, do shoulder; R S Miller, do arm; W P Spence, do side; H F Black, slight arm; E S Crabb, do leg; J A Foster, do arm; Thomas Kennedy, do head; W T Smith, do side; J M Lemmons, do wrist.

Company K, Captain W H Martin, Commanding - Killed, Sergeant Henry Martin. Wounded, Corporal Hura [?] Carter, severe hip; Privates W F Whitaker, do side; C P Wesaensee, do hand and breast.

Killed 19, wounded 72, missing 3 Total - 94.
F. L. Price, Adjutant.

[The 5th Texas will be posted at a later time]

The copy is not perfect, but with oinly a few exceptions is legible.