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5 TEX at 2nd Manassas

Continuing with the casualty list for some units of Hood's Texas Brigade at Second Manassas, from the Richmond Daily Whig, 11 Sep 62, p. 2, c. 3, 4:

Colonel J. B. Robinson [sic], Commanding

Field and Staff: Col J B Robinson, wounded slight in side; Lieut Col J. C Upton, killed; Capt K Bryan, Acting Major, slighty both legs; Lieut O [or C] Wood, acting Adjutant, slight (very)

Company A, Captain Farmer, Commanding -- Wounded, Seg J A McMurray, thigh; do [SGT] B C Simpson, slight hip; Corpl J H Bell, severe neck; Private John Heffen, do jaw; J R Patton, leg and foot; Sam Baily, mortally side; D W Walker, breast; John De Gordey, hip; A Angell,thigh amputated; O O'Malley, thigh; John D_lesdinier, shoulder; Wm Kelly, hip and finger; John Mastenburg, thigh; C D Hughes, thigh and foot; R Campbell, leg; C B. Gardner, hip slight; Jas Stanger, neck do; John Morris, side do; John Levirien, hand, thigh; A Wolfe, leg, slight; John Garrison, thigh, slight; T W Fitzgerald, knee, slight.

Company B, Capt Robardau, commanding -- Wounded -- Captain Robardau, arm, slight; Lieut Ben M Baker, severely; Sergeant J B Wall, slight; Corporal J H Whitehead, foot, slight; Corporal J S Miller, side (with colors); Corporal W W Pinchback, mortally, died; Corporal A V L Carter, severe; Privates E Beache, severe; J S Beuell, slight; P Collins, slight; J Carrigan, slight; M Daggot, slight; M Flanigen, slight; R G Humphreys, slight; J W Johnson, slight; W F Nelms, slight; W T Shell, slight; Webb Sheppard, severe (with colors); Jno Smith, severe; John Treador, severe; John P Umbargo, severe; P Woodhouse, severe; ___ [blank appears in paper] Luady, severe leg.

Company C, Captain McBride, commanding -- Wounded -- Captain McBride, severely, shoulder and back; Lt J E Anderson, slight; Lt J S New, slight, cheek; Sgt G F Bardee, slight, back; Sergeant J S Cox, slight; Corporal J T Atkensen [very faded copy], severe foot; Private J M Anderson, severe, side; Private B Allen, mortally,died; Private B W Briatow, severe,both thighs; Private H P ___[copy indistinct], severe, thigh; Private H P Des___[copy very blurred], slight, arm; Private J E Ellis, slight; Private J B Paris, thigh; Private J E L_ey, finger; Private T M Lee, slight, very; Private B D Nennery, slight, leg; Private T R Pistole, slight, finger; Private P O Phillips, slight, hip; Private B L S___ [very poor copy], slight, hip and breast; Private J M Wallace, left jaw.
Company D, Captain Powell, commanding. -- Killed -- Privates W D Wynne and Louis Moss [?]. Wounded -- S'gt O P Caldwell, slight, hand; Sergeant W B Campbell, slight, foot; Sergeant J M Robertson, severe, arm; S'gt A M Hinson, slight, knee; Corporal R A Brandey, severe, abdomen; Corporal Leroy Mitchell, slight, breast; Corporal W O Smith, severe, breast; Private H P Estes [?], mortally, breast; Private W F Spivey, severe, hip; Private S T Ross, mortally, died; Private J C Barden, mrotally, died; Private James Harris, thigh; Private W P Powell, thigh; Private W M Nelms, leg amputated; Private M A Lampkin, slight, shoulder; Private K J Page, slight, leg; Private F G Hume, slight, thigh; Private A F Golding, slight, side; Private N Douglas, slight, breast; Private W A Keenan, slight, hip; Private J A Conon [?], slight, head; Private S B Randall, slight, head; Private Robert Staun_[?]oe, slight, side; Private R. Scaaba, slight, side; ; Privatre Robert Griffin, slight, thigh; Private E Leachman, slight, arm; Private Wm Coleman, slight, leg; Private J C Hill, slight, hip.

Company E, Capt Baber, comd'g -- Wounded -- Capt F A Baber, slight in side; Lieut Tom Nash, severe in thigh; Sergt Wilkerson, __g__ is [sic, in] arm [almost totally indecipherable]; Sergt J C Baster, leg amputated; Corp J J Smith, slight in breast; Corpl W H Gray, slight in hand; Private J A Cartmel, severe in leg; S H Dean, severe in breast and thigh; F Eldridge, slight in arm; M M F__er [very faded], severe in foot and arm; F F_rquhar, slight; L Gee, slight; John Gen, slight, finger off; J B Goodale, slight in neck; J H Hutcheson, severe in leg; L Holyday, severe in leg; B Y Kavanaugh, slight in arm; John LKott, slight in breast; S L Lockett, slight in leg; D W McPherson, slight in hand; F H Mutlene, slight in thigh; D O Patrick, slight in breast; D M'Marshall, slight in leg; J A Randall, slight in leg; J W Spann, slight in neck; J Tolan, slight in back; Geo B Williams, slight in arm; J W Wallace, slight in thigh; Thomas Weatherby, slight in leg; V E Petty, mortally, since died; O [or C] E. Moncrief, killed (with colors); N N Mullins, killed (with colors); T B Watson, (amatiur) {I suppose he means "amateur" by way of saying he had not yet enlisted], in arm and side, severely. Missing -- J S Hutcheson."

This casualty list continues, but at least the copy on that part of the page is better. Will continue in the future.
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