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Casualties of the 5th TExas at Second Manassas continued:

"Company F, Captain Bryan. -- Killed -- Corporal H. B. Johnson; Private A G Dugat. Wounded -- Lieut Williams, slight; Sergeant G. W. Stearns, severely; Sergeant J M Dillon, slight; Sergeant J F Church, severely; Corporal C M'Corley, slight; Privates J K Bryan, slight; E R Bouch, slight; J Chaison, slight; H Griffith, severely; J Little, leg amputated; O [or C] G Fortescue, severely; P C Bixton, slight; E Mallory, slight; R Sweeny, slight; J W Pemberton, severely; J C Nobles, severely; F W Whittington, slight; E V McArthur, slight; James Bouie, slight; B H Leonard, slight; H C Shea, slight; W A Fletcher, severely.

Company G, Captain J C Rogers. -- Killed -- F M Bowlinger, C G Adams, R A Ray, Y B Ray. Wounded -- Sergeant W H Tarver; Privates J W Allen, J E Bryan, D R Beall, L W Caldwell, M D Garrett, John Moore, R H Mayo, E Poole, S Richardson, J P Shelton, J M Sadman. Edward Williams, S W Walker, H H Rowe, W T Dyer, E B McAninch, H H Sharpe, John Monroe, J A Jolly, E P Gould, W W Smith, John Jackson, Sergeant W A Nabors.

Company H, Captain Clearland. -- Killed -- Balnes, Pinnell, and Hall. Wounded -- Captain J S Clearland, mortally; 1st Lieut J S Robinson, through arm; 2d Lieut Stanley, thigh, slight; 2d Lieut Spratt, face, slight; Sergeant Woodall, leg, slight; Sergeant Ross, arm, slight; Sergeant OPsborne, leg, slight; Corporal House, arm, severe; Corporal Goice, hand, slight; Privates Bass, slight; Barber, arm, severe; Bell, thigh, slight; Curry, side, severe; Hemphill, face, slight; Kirgan, shoulder, slight; Walters, leg, severe; Shields, face, slight; Freeman, leg broke; B. Grace, leg; Stone, back; Stevenson, shoulder, slight; J. Grace, (amateur) hip, severe.

Company I, Lieut B I Franklin. Wounded Lieutenant Franklin, slight, breast; Lieutenant Graham, slight breast; Orderly Sergenat Drake, slight, thigh; Corporal Morgan, severe, arm; Corporal E H McKnight thigh. Privates D B Allen, shoulder; W G Baldwin, slight, face; W R Barlow breast; E Bates, severe, arm and leg; F Bettis, slight, leg; W Crabtree, slight, knee; J W Dallas, severe, arm; R Fleming, slight, hand; W F Harris, severe, leg;
W Harley, severe, hand; W R McRae, severe, back; W V Rayston, severe, leg and side; W H Robertson, severe, elbow; J Short, slight, hand; R H Spence, slight hand; W F Thomas, slight, side; C D Servard, slight, face; W Short, slight, leg.

Company K, Capt Turner, comd'g. -- Killed -- Lieut Henry. Wounded -- Capt Turner, slight in wrist; Lieut Herbert, slight in ear; Lieut Hurt, slight in leg; Sergts Joe Turner, slight in uehad; McKinnon, in thigh and leg; Meece, sevwere in arm; Beard, slight in head; Corporals Oats, slight in leg; Green, severe in thigh; Smith, slight in elbow; Privates Braswell, slight; Bowen, slight; F Butler, severe in breast; A Dunn, severe in breast; Dortch, slight in thigh; H A Easterling, severe in leg; Jno P Kayle, in hand; J F McKee, in hand; W J McCoy, contusion; Jerry Roan, in ahnd; B A Rowe, in hand; Willie Stewart, in foot; W J Ward, in arm; J B Wilson, in hand, amputated.


Killed 21

Wounded 235

Missing 1
Total 257

Campbell Wood,

Acting Adjutant."

Thwere was no report for the 1st TEX printed in the Whig.

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