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John Wesley McCombs

I need to find the unit my ancestor was in please.

Full Name.........John Wesley McCombs (This name is frequently misspelled)
Texas Minute Men, Indian Wars, Capt. George Robbins
One paper dated 1917 said John W. M-Combs, enlisted 1860 discharged 1863...
papers said see IW Surv O 14869

Date of Birth 1844
Place of Birth Florida
The State and County where he lived in 1860 and/or before.....Medina, Medina County Texas
The State and County where he lived after 1865..........Medina, Medina County Texas.
Married to Sara Rowland 13 July 1876 in Medina Texas
Date of Death 07 Mar 1924 in Lasalle County, Texas

Did he or his wife apply for a pension. Yes but she had no information about his unit
Brothers were in 32nd or 36th Texas Cavalry