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Robert Hamilton and SEC Football
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Wow, this is just like an SEC football game, one guy from Arkansas shows up and all you Texicans run for cover!

Now that I have your attention:

Is the Robert S. Hamilton referred to in the report above, the same Robert Hamilton who signed the Texas Declaration of Independence? I find a big dispute on various Genealogy boards that basically boil down to the idea that the Robert Hamilton who signed the Declaration, was dispatched to Washington D.C. in order to obtain official recognition of Texas by the U.S. government, and thus could not be the same guy as Robert Shaw Hamilton who served during the war of independence and later became the Sherriff of Red River County.

However, since Albert Latimer, who is named as the Captain of the company that Robert S. Hamilton belong to was also a signer of the Declaration, it appears that there is a close association between the two men.

So what say you Texicans, is the Robert S. Hamilton in Captain Latimer's company the same guy who signed your Declaration of Independence?

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