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Likens 35th Texas Cavalry Roster

This post is being made for the purpose of identifying troopers who served in Likens 35th Texas Cavalry. There is no known roster of this regiment. The men found in the Service Records at the NARA and other CW websites consists of officers and about 150 men listed on a December 1863 report Col. Likens made of men absent from the regiment (AWOL, sick, on special assignments, etc). Those present are not listed.

An inspection report made in November 1863 when the regiment was activated shows the 35th Rgt was assembled from 5 companies of Likens' Battalion, 3 companies from Lt Col Burns' Battalion, and 3 companies transferred from Terrell's Rgt. Hurley & George's companies were combined to form Co "K" and A. B. Boren was elected captain. The following are totals of enlisted men based on this inspection report:

James B. Likens' Battalion Captains:
(Co C) William W. Dawson-34 present, 8 on leave, 36 AWOL
(Co G) Gustavus E. Warren-54 present, 12 on leave, 0 AWOL
(Co B) Henry B. Ransom-52 present, 12 on leave, 4 AWOL
(Co H) G. W. Bates-41 present, 14 on leave, 6 AWOL
(Co F) John T. Wiggins-28 present, 20 on leave, 2 AWOL

James R. Burns' Battalion Captains
(Co E) Granville L. Hickey-46 present, 7 on leave, 9 AWOL
(Co K) T. N. George (dropped)-51 present, 7 on leave, 4 AWOL - merged with Hurley's Co.
(Co A) Jerome N. Black-26 present, 0 on leave, 0 AWOL

Companies Transferred from Terrell's Rgt Captains
(Co K) W. C. Hurley (dropped)-33 present, 2 on leave, 0 AWOL - merged with George's Co.
(Co D) James E. Gray-54 present, 16 on leave, 2 AWOL - formally Co "F" of Davidson's Batt, Arizona Brig
(Co I) W. H. Mullins-43 present, 11 on leave, 16 AWOL

Total enlisted: 512 present, 109 on leave, 79 AWOL
Total including officers and enlisted: 738

For several years William Bozic and myself have been searching for the 500 or so missing troopers of this little known regiment. To make identification worse, the same numerical designation "35" was assigned to two Texas cavalry regiments which has confused the NARA, historians, and genealogists ever since. To date we have identified by name over 250 troopers missing from official records.

Although the men of each company lived in many counties in 1860, the captains (with the exception of Capt Boren) and a majority of men were from the following counties:
A - Leon
B - Rusk
C - Hopkins
D - Washington
E - Robertson
F - Cherokee
G -Upshur
H - Smith
I - Cherokee
K - Robertson

This post is a request for anyone on this forum who knows of ancestors or others who may have served in Likens 35th Texas Cavalry to respond. A service biography has been assembled for many of the names already identified. Identifying additional troopers currently unknown and additional information we do not have would be a great bonus for us. A Master Roster with all known names and information is on file at the Hill College. It would be my pleasure to share information on individual troopers on this forum or by email @