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Found this interesting article while searching through CW era digital newspapers. Thought some on this board might enjoy.

The Tri-Weekly Telegraph (Houston, Texas), Tuesday, Feb. 2, 1864

Headquarters, Army In The Field,

Ewing’s Plantation, Jan. 25, 1864
Federal Orders No. 7.

On the 21st inst., Sergeant W. R. Waller and Private T. B. Carroll, of Likens’ Regiment , Duff’s Brigade, were ordered on a scout down the Peninsula . About ten miles below the fort , they discovered evident signs of the recent landing of the enemy on the beach, and impelled by their sense of duty, they followed to ascertain their numbers. After satisfying themselves that they were in force, they turned back; but had proceeded but a short distance when they met another party, who had landed above; thus hemmed in on both sides, night came to their relief, when but six hundred yards intervened between the columns advancing in front and rear to cut them off; dismounting from their horses, without knives to kill them, and not proper to shoot them, for fear of betraying their position, these gallant sons of Texas, with their hands, dug holes in the sand, and for sixteen hours lay concealed in one position. At the expiration of forty-five hours, without food or drink, they rejoined their commands in safety.

This single exhibition of patriotism, determination and faith, is entitled to the special commendation of the General Commanding the Army in the Field, and is made known to the army as an example worthy of all imitation, and as evidence of what brave men may accomplish by perseverance and courage.

By command of

Brig. Gen. H. P. Bee
W. T. Mechling, A. A. G.