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Thanks for posting the link. Not sure what part Norway plays, but that's OK since it's always interesting when the good folks and groups overseas have an interest in the American Civil War. The website focuses on the Waco Guards or Company A. Just curious if there are plans to include additional info on other companies. What little I know about the 7th Texas revolves around Company B of Upshur County. A collateral ancestor, J. K. Bivins, was a member of that company. Captured first at Ft. Donelson and second at the Battle of Raymond. After two years at Ft. Delaware and Elmira, NY, he was finally released in June 1865.

A second member of Company B was Richard Ford, captured first at Ft Donelson and again at Port Hudson. He kept a diary of his time during the siege which might be an interesting addition to your website. After his parole, he returned to Texas, enlisted in the 35th Texas Cavalry, and was elected 1st Lt.

Your reading list contained some good books and there are probably several not listed. Might I recommend adding "A Force To Be Reckoned With - Volume II" by Danny Sessums. It's an in depth history and analysis of Granbury's Texas Brigade. In my opinion, an excellent book published in 2019. It begins with the 7th Texas at the Battle of Raymond and continues with the organization and campaigns of the brigade until the end of the war.

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