The Texas in the Civil War Message Board

Hello everyone

I was curious to know if some of my family members were at certain battles. This is the list of Texas regiment's I know my family was in:

9th Texas, 25th Texas Cav (dismounted), 26th Texas Cav and Waul's Texas Legion.

What I am very curious about is if Benjamin H. Prouty was at the battle of Tunnel Hill/Missionary Ridge or Chickamauga. I have a great genealogy on over 220ish Prouty's that served in the Civil War.

I have in my bookmarks, Civil War Soldiers and Sailor's site. I live in Washington Dc, I have complete access to the Library of Congress and national archives.

If anyone could just point me in the right direction of the 25th Texas Cav Roster at Chickamauga and Missionary Hill, I would be very greatful.

Again, thank you for any help!