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Whitfield; Deen Station, Cherokee Nation, I.T.

Bill Nolan,

Notice the last paragraph that may give a clue to the location of Deen Station: in Cherokee Nation, I.T. or in Arkansas?

Hawkins’ Militia is addressed in the following story about John Riley Ellis (1841-1925) of Titus County TX. ..He mentioned the Battle of Wilson's Creek. ..Of course, he did not include the exact day of the battle, Aug 10, 1861 nor the Aug 13, 1861 arrival date of Hawkins' Militia.


re: Ben K. Green Papers (AR326). The University of Texas at Arlington Library.

When he [J.R. Ellis] was 19 years old, John joined the Confederate Army. He first was mustered into the Confederate 27th Cavalry (Texas), Company “E” as a Private on 03 Aug 1861 by Lieutenant Colonel McRae.

There is some evidence that he participated in operations at Wilson Creek MO in the fall of 1861 but I am not sure about this; but I do know that he travelled some 450 miles and returned to Daingerfield TX in the month of December 1861. ..He was enrolled at Daingerfield, TX by Capt. E. R Hawkins’ in his Company of Whitfield’s Battalion of Texas Volunteers for the period of 12 months service.

At Daingerfield, on 31 December 1861, he was reassigned to Company "A" of the 27th Regiment, Texas Cavalry Whitfield's Legion) (lst Texas Legion). ..His Company was named the "Titus Invincibles" (men from Daingerfield, Morris and Titus County) and they lived up to that name over the next three and one half years. ..His Unit was organized on 02 April 1861 with 13 Companies (A to M) and enlisted for 12 months. ..It was reorganized in May 1862 under the “Conscript Law” for an additional term of 2 years or War; and the Unit was assigned to Whitfield’s Legion - this Legion was purely a cavalry Unit.

Company “A” was originally a Texas Company, which had been first assigned to 2nd Regiment AR. ..Mounted Rifles, and was even transferred (on paper) to this organization in November 1861. ..It was then reassigned back to Whitfield’s legion by order of Brig. Gen. Benjamin McCulloch’s Army of the West at Fort Smith, Arkansas. ..The Unit left Titus County, in late February 1862, and proceeded across the State of OK to Ozark AR and then on to the Pea Ridge AR area; there to participate in the first of many battles.

There is some evidence that John had been in Northeast AR in the fall of 1861 in operations against the Indians from OK; again I can not confirm this information. Little did young John realize - when he joined the Confederate Army - that he was about to travel such a long and dangerous trail throught many Southern States, face so many hardships, fight in so many battles, and through it all live to return home some three and one half years later.



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Whitfield; Deen Station, Cherokee Nation, I.T.