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East Texans Sent to North and West Texas

Wes Barton,

I'm most interested in the service of your two ancestors, "S.P. Barton" and "J.H. Keith" of Titus County in the 2nd Battalion Cavalry, Texas State Troops in 1863 and 1864. Again, I think you may have candidates for my "East Texas Recruits Sent to West Texas" listing.

If you'll send me your e-mail address, I will send you several pages from my book that shows some of your Bartons and Keiths. Also I have several sets of only commissioned officers without their rank and file men (one has an officer named 'William' Keith. Maybe you have found that lost listing.

Below: I had this excerpt in my files since this J.H. King is in a Titus County militia. Several of these names are in my 134-page Name Index, but I don't know whether they are the senior or junior of these families.


“Excerpts from J. H. King Memories Year 1847 - just before Christmas we moved 3 miles West and 35 degrees North, to the Horse Creek Neighborhood (Community) of Titus County, Texas. ..(The area somewhat North of present day Cookville Texas). ..We had a school and a church, there were 11 other families, some were even as close as a half-mile; others much further North. ..They were J. B. Keith, D. Young, Warren Cash Keith, William Keith and wife (they parents of the other Keiths), Jo Keith, J. H. Keith, William Tigert, William Heath, William Taylor, Jas Spencer, John Rogers and his wife.”



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