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Captain James Ferrell of Hopkins County

Please help me identify "Captain James Ferrell” who is mentioned on five pages of my book. ..Ferrell was a private in an 1861 Hopkins County militia. ..He then commanded a company that Col. James Bourland positioned in a strategic defensive position that was penetrated in December 1863 by the Plains Indians in a bloody rampage through Cooke County. ..per the BOURLAND PAPERS.

Gen. Henry E. McCulloch mentioned Ferrell three times in a January 7, 1864 letter to Bourland. ..He was inquiring about the feasibility of Ferrell’s ferreting out the "good men" of the brush battalion hiding in Collin and Hunt Counties. ..per the BOURLAND PAPERS.

Any hints in identifying this "Captain James Ferrell" would be appreciated.

By this way, this is one of 43 letters written by General H.E. McCulloch in the BOURLAND PAPERS that do not appear in the OFFICIAL RECORD, but should, especially since he burned his papers.