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Louisiana Female Flag Bearer for Texas Company

Wow. A female Louisianian carrying a Texas flag.


SOUTHERN CONFEDERACY [ATLANTA, GA], June 8, 1861, p. 2, c. 1

Texas Troops.

The "Palmer Guards," company C, Texas Battalion, Captain A. G. Dickerson--80 men--passed through here yesterday morning on their way to Virginia. They are well armed and drilled, and are capable of doing the best of service. Capt. D. was accompanied by his beautiful and accomplished bride, who is the daughter of Ex Congressman Coleman, formerly of Kentucky, but now President of the Vicksburg & Shreveport Railroad. They were married but a few days since. The patriotic lady says she has enlisted for the war and will share the destinies of her gallant husband, whatever they may be.

The company also had a pet along that attracted no little attention. It was a standard bearer in the person of Madmoeselle [sic] Jennette Warde' from New Orleans--dressed a la bloomer, or soldier fashion, and belted with revolver, Bowie knife, &c. She was sprightly, shared and seemed to enjoy a soldier's fare.--The beautiful flag which she carried in her hand was much admired.