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Ernie Smith,

In which Texas county did your William Martin Smith (b-1824) live in 1860?
If you will send me what you know about your William Martin Smith's famiy I will try to identify some of the Smith entries in my 134-page Name Index of my 1,022-page book below. Keep in mind that I may have mistranscribed some of the initials from handwritten records. ..Many of these soldiers were in enrolled in 1861 in Texas State militias.
A., b-1847 (Parker Co, TST), A-326
A. B. (Pvt, 2d Frontier Dist, TST), 155
A. D. (Lt, Fannin Co, TST), A-143, A-147
A. H. (Cpl, Fannin Co, TST), A-139
A. J. (Davis Co, TST), A-44
A. J. (Titus Co, TST), A-88
A. L., b-1828 (Johnson Co, TST), A-232
Albany (Smith) Moore, m-Chs Wooten Moore (1885-1971 Quay Co NM), 4
Alexander (Brig-Gen, 9th Militia Brigade, TST), 97, A-89, A-96, A-98
Alexander (Hunt Co, TST), A-155
Allen, b-1846 (Cooke Co, TST), A-279, A-305
And. J., b-1840 (Cpl, Collin Co, TST), A-189, A-200
Arch (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-349
Archibald H., b-1834 (Ord Sgt, Montague Co, TST), A-289
Ashbel (Col, TX CSA), A-6, A-7, A-8
B. C., b-1844 (Hopkins & Titus Co's, TST), A-119
B. D. (Titus Co, TST), A-82
B. H. (Fannin Co, TST), A-147
B. M. (Bowie Co, TST), A-47
B. M. E., b-1816 (Collin Co, TST), A-182, A-195
B. P. (Capt, 1846 Mex. War), 48
Bartlett (Hunt Co, TST), A-155
Benjamin (Hopkins & Titus Co's, TST), A-88, A-122
C. L. (Tarrant Co, TST), A-245
C. W. (Lamar Co, TST), A-112
C. W. (Tarrant Co, TST), A-246
Calvin, b-1831 (Montague Co, TST), A-320
Carroll (Lamar Co, TST), A-109
Charles (Lamar Co, TST), A-111, A-112
Compton H. (Hopkins Co, TST), A-122
Coon (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-349
D. (1874 Tonkawa Scouts, Col Mackenzie), A-458, A-459
D. (Denton Co, TST), A-281
D. W. Jr. (Fannin Co, TST), A-139
David, b-1819 (Cooke & Montague Co's, TST), 105, A-305
David, b-1835 (Cooke & Montague Co's, TST), A-288
David (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-350
David Paul, wrote FRONTIER DEFENSE (1992), 129, 160, 165, 177, 183, 187, 188, 189, 193, 196, 197, 199, 206, 221, 244, 247, 248, 254, 268, 278, 293, 296, 303, A-1, A-7, A-8, A-313
David (Tarrant Co, TST), A-245, A-247
__, Dr. (Hunt Co, TST), A-155
E. G. (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-345, A-347
E. (Grayson Co, TST), A-201
Edmund Kirby (Maj-Gen, CSA), 117, 154, 168, 171, 172, 178, 184, 185, 187, 190, 207, 213, 214, 217, 219, 223, 225, 237, 240, 260, 261, 271, 275, 299, 300, 308, 312, 317, 321, 322, 324, A-4, A-7, A-8, A-10, A-15, A-152, A-180, A-338, A-343, A-379, A-413, A-416, A-420, A-421, A-429, A-453
Edward (Lt, Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-344, A-348
Edwin G., b-1832 (Titus Co, TST), A-81
Edwin R. or Elbert S., both in 10th TX Infantry, Co K (Erath Co, TST), A-226
Eli (Red River Co, TST), A-68
Elijah (Erath Co, TST), A-226
F. M. (Red River Co, TST), A-65
Frank (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-344
Frank (Hopkins Co, TST), A-114
G. G., b-1820 (Hunt Co, TST), A-153
G. M. (Co G, Bourland's Regt), 292, A-19, A-21, A-24, A-30
G. P., b-1835 (Lt, Fannin Co, TST), A-139
G. W. Jr., b-1842 (Fannin Co, TST), A-139
G. W. (Tarrant Co, TST), A-243
George F. (Hopkins Co, TST), A-115
George (Fannin Co, TST), A-150
George (Titus Co, TST), A-85
George W. (Johnson Co, TST), A-230
Gideon, commander of 2nd Cav Regt (Capt, Fannin Co, TST), 124, A-123, A-128, A-129, A-130, A-137, A-147, A-166, A-170, A-245, A-428, A-x, A-xxi
Gilbert, b-1838 (Hanged 1862 by the Citizens' Court), 140, A-139
Gilford (Hopkins Co, TST), A-122
H. A., b-1814 (Cooke Co, TST), A-307
H. C., b-1838 (Collin Co, TST), A-200
H. L. (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-346, A-347
Harance (Marion Co TX), A-39
Herrod, b-1826 (Cooke Co, TST), A-271
Hugh (Hunt Co, TST), A-155
__, (Hunt Co, TST), A-155
Isaac (Co C, Stevens' Regt, Brush Battalion, CSA), A-342
Isaac (Fannin Co, TST), A-148
Isaac (Parker Co, TST), A-240
J. A., b-1839 (Fannin Co, TST), A-139
J. A. (Co E, Hubbard's Regt, Brush Battalion, CSA), A-342
J., b-1827 (Palo Pinto Co, TST), A-311
J. F. (Lamar Co, TST), A-112
J. (Fannin Co, TST), A-150
J. H. (1866 Whitesboro Masonic Lodge, TX), 240
J. H. (Fannin Co, TST), A-148, A-151
J. H. (Hopkins Co, TST), A-115, A-122
J. J., b-1828 (Parker Co, TST), A-324
J. J. (Denton Co, TST), A-282, A-284
J. J. Jr. (Collin Co, TST), A-192
J. J. (Red River Co, TST), A-73
J. K. P. (Sgt, Lamar Co, TST), A-109
J. L., b-1839 (Stephens Co, TST), A-328, A-329
J. L. (Capt, Marion Co, TST), A-34
J. L. (Davis Co, TST), A-44
J. L. (Fannin Co, TST), A-145
J. M. B. (Cooke Co, TST), A-277
J. M. (Capt, McLennan Co TX), A-379
J. P., b-1834 (Tarrant Co, TST), A-248, A-249
J. P. (Fannin Co, TST), A-139
J. R., b-1825 (Hunt Co, TST), A-152
J. R., b-1831 (Titus Co, TST), A-81, A-82
J. W., b-1846 (Cpl, Jack Co, TST), A-313, A-314
J. W. (Cpl, Lamar Co, TST), A-110
J. W. (Hopkins Co, TST), A-114
J. W. (Lt, Collin Co, TST), A-162
Jackson, b-1846 (Cpl, Palo Pinto & Wise Co's, TST), A-19, A-29, A-234, A-310, A-333, N-133
Jackson (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-345
James A. (Co D, Bourland's Regt), A-19, A-29
James (Gen, Rep. of Texas), 27, 28
James (Hunt Co TX), A-138
James (Lamar Co, TST), A-112
James M., b-1843 (Capt, Fannin Co, TST), A-103
James M. C. Smith's Independent Co (Creek, I.T., CSA), A-5, A-448
James M. (Capt, Fannin Co, TST), A-123, A-124, A-147, A-x, A-xxi
James M. (Sgt, Red River Co, TST), A-70, A-73
James T. (Sgt, 2d Frontier Dist, TST), A-300
James T. (Sgt, Titus Co, TST), A-79, A-82
James (Tarrant Co, TST), A-247
James W., 1864 Registrar of Confederate Depository, Dallas TX, A-xxii
Jason M. (Lamar Co, TST), A-112
Jasper (Collin Co TX, Brush Battalion, CSA), A-342
Jasper M. (Hunt Co TX), A-138
Jasper (Titus Co, TST), A-84
Jerome, b-1827 (Cooke & Wise Co's, TST), A-271, A-333
John C., b-1824, physician, hired David Smart Howell Aug 1863 to serve in his stead in his brother's regiment, Col. Gideon Smith's 2nd Cav. Regt (Capt, Fannin Co, TST), A-123, A-x, A-xxi, A-143, A-147, A-157
John (Erath Co, TST), A-227
John H. (Lamar Co, TST), A-101
John (Hopkins Co, TST), A-114
John (Hunt Co, TST), A-155
John J. (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-346, A-347
John L. (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-346
John L. (Creek Nation, I.T., CSA), A-448
John (Lamar Co, TST), A-111
John (Lt, Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-348
John (Lt, Johnson Co, TST), A-233
John M. (1st Lt, Saufley's Scouting Battalion, CSA), A-45
John M., b-1839 (Montague Co, TST), A-288
John M. (McFarland's Co, Co F, Bourland's Regt), A-22
John R. (Hopkins & Titus Co's TX), A-99
John T. (Titus Co, TST), A-79
John W. (Collin Co TX), A-179
John W. (Fannin Co, TST), 57, A-142
Jordan (Red River Co, TST), A-73
Joseph A., b-1839 (Lt, Titus Co, TST), A-50, A-80, A-85
Joseph B. (Fannin Co, TST), A-150
Joseph (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-345
Joseph (Hopkins Co, TST), A-114, A-121
Joseph M., appointed 1859 to study Texas Indian reservation, 204
Joseph (Sgt, Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-347
Josiah (1851, Tarrant # 91 Masonic Lodge, Hopkins Co TX), A-427
Julie E. (Hunt Co TX), A-138
Julius W. (Cpl, Tarrant Co, TST), A-210, A-247
Kendrick (Titus Co, TST), A-86
__, (killed 1861, Creek Indian Regt), 124
L. D. (Parker Co, TST), A-324
__, (Lt, 1874 Tonkawa Scouts, Col Mackenzie), A-458, A-459
M. B. (Scott's Co, Stevens' Regt, Brush Battalion, CSA), A-342
M. C. (Sgt, Fannin Co, TST), A-148, A-150
M. (Co D, H, I, Bourland's Regt), A-19, A-29, A-30
McCoy (Lee's Light Artillery, IT CSA), A-429
Mary (Smith) Wells (b-c1810), 1
Matthew D. (Johnson Co, TST), A-233
N. (Bowie Co, TST), A-47
N. H. (Capt, TX CSA), Engineer Troops, A-6
Napoleon B. (Lt, Titus Co, TST), A-83
O. B. (Jack Co, TST), A-313, A-314
Orville (Fannin Co, TST), A-148
P. B. (Capt, Davis Co, TST), A-33, A-44
P. Smythe (Lamar Co, TST), A-106
Pat (Titus Co, TST), A-86
Perry, b-1841 (Hunt Co, TST), A-153
Perry (Quantrill's Raiders, MO CSA), 212
Phillip A. (1841, Bourland's Ranging Co, TST), 21
Phillip, b-1838 (Fannin Co, TST), A-139, A-147
R., b-1843 (Hunt Co, TST), A-153
R. M. (Co B, Bourland's Regt), 309, A-19, A-25, A-29
R. (Titus Co, TST), A-84
Rachel (Smith) Montague, 135
Raleigh C. (Parker & Dallas Co's, TST), A-242
Red (Lt, Red River Co, TST), A-49
Richard T., b-1832 (Montague Co, TST), A-288
Robert C., b-1828 (Montague Co, TST), A-288
Robert C. (Hopkins Co, TST), A-115
Robert (Red River Co, TST), A-66
S. B. (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-349
S. C. (Red River Co, TST), A-71
S. C. Smythe (Lamar Co, TST), A-106
S. E. (Lamar Co, TST), A-112
Samuel (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-344
Samuel K. (Sgt, Denton Co, TST), A-286
Samuel W. (Lt, Fannin & Lamar Co's, TST), A-100, A-111, A-115, A-139, A-147
Sarah (Hunt Co TX), A-138
Stan B. (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-347
Stephen (Red River Co, TST), A-65
Thomas Benton, b-1839; CSA Jones Co TX pens #20422 (Hunt & Lamar Co's, TST), A-111, A-156
Thomas (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-345, A-347, A-349
Thomas Ingles, 1800 VA-1847 Austin, Travis Co TX, Fort Smith AR named for him; m-Mary Louise (Bartlett) O'Neill (1842 Treaty at Whitebead,
Caddo Co, Chickasaw Dist, Choctaw Nation, I.T.), 18
Thomas J. (Fannin Co, TST), A-147
Thomas J. (Sgt, 2d Frontier Dist, TST), A-300
Thomas (Lt, Jack Co, TST), 248, A-252, A-301, A-313, A-314, A-xiv, A-xxi
Thomas (Titus Co, TST), A-86, A-88
Thompson (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-348
Thompson Smyth (Capt, Denton Co, TST), A-252
Tom G., b-1825 (Hunt Co, TST), A-155
Trillin B. (Parker & Dallas Co's, TST), A-242
Uriah (Collin Co TX), A-179
V. B. (Red River Co, TST), A-63
Voluntine H. "Volney" (Hopkins Co, TST), A-117
W. A., b-1843 (Hunt Co, TST), A-153
W. A., b-1847 (Parker Co, TST), A-327
W. B. (Titus Co, TST), A-85
W. C. (Red River Co, TST), A-68, A-73
W. (Co D, Bourland's Regt), A-19, A-29
W. G. (Red River Co, TST), A-73
W. H. (Clay, Montague, Young Co's, TST), A-238, A-274, A-294, A-299
W. H., J.P. (Sgt, Fannin Co, TST), A-144, A-151
W. M., b-1845 (Wise Co, TST), A-334
W. M. (Fannin Co, TST), A-142
W. M. (Lamar Co, TST), A-108
W. T., b-1847 (Sgt, Wise Co, TST), A-335
Wilburn (Cooke Co, TST), A-280
Wm. A. (2nd Lt, Saufley's Scouting Battalion, CSA), A-45
Wm. A. (Cherokee Mtd Vol's, CSA), A-348, A-350
Wm., b-1829 (Palo Pinto Co, TST), A-311
Wm. (Co C, Bourland's Regt), A-19, A-29
Wm G. (Patton's Co G, Bourland's Regt), A-19
Wm. (Hopkins Co, TST), A-118
Wm. (Hunt Co, TST), A-155
Wm. M. (Sgt, Fannin Co, TST), A-148, A-150
Wm. (Quantrill's Raiders, MO CSA), 212
Wm. R., b-1835 (Grayson Co, TST), A-188
Wm. (Scott's Co, Stevens' Regt, Brush Battalion, CSA), A-342
Wm. Smythe (Lamar Co, TST), A-106
Wm. (Titus Co, TST), A-88
Wm. W. (Fannin Co, TST), A-147



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