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Doctors Burk & Hamilton; N. TX cattle contractors

Please help indentify three people mentioned in an 1864 letter from the BOURLAND PAPERS that H.E. McCulloch sent to J. Bourland of Gainesville, Texas.

1) Doctor Hamilton in the second paragraph?

2) Doctor Burk in the second paragraph? maybe Wm. S. Burke of Cooke Co TX.

3) Major Campbell in the first paragraph?


Bonham, Fannin County, Texas
June 18, 1864

COLONEL [James Bourland, Comdg. on Frontier]:

Mr. James [N.] Collins, agent of Major Campbell, who is the purchasing Commissary for your section of country informs me that his [cow] hands have been [kept] from driving beef cattle to the army and notified that all the cattle have been sold through your section to contractors.

If Mr. Collins is prevented from driving beef, the army must suffer, this might not be under obligations to see that Mr. Collins gets beef if there is any in the country and he has the right to impress the beef of contractors unless they have a special guarantee against impressment and the law indicates very clearly a disposition to impress produce in the hands of contractors and speculators before taking it from producers and you know I have held to the same doctrine as was too plainly shown in the case of Doctors Burks and Hamilton.

The people are under no obligation to sell to contractors while they are bound to sell to agents from the fact that they (the agents) have power to impress. ..It is hoped that Mr. Collins will drive or purchase no more beef than is actually necessary before the first of July but he must have what is necessary and you must render him the necessary aid to obtain it.

Most respectfully your Obt. Svt.,

Henry E. McCulloch, Brig. Genl. Comdg., N.S.D., Hd. Qrs. ..per BP-DM4406-3O-149.


The above letter is from my vIpp265-266 of my 1,022-page book.


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