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Belden of Grayson County

Jerry Gleason,

Two Bourlands from Grayson County had "Belden" as a middle name. ..I am interested in your Belden family of Grayson County information. ..See children 8f and 9b below:

8. William Reece Bourland, m. in Bush home, Duganville (now Bells), Grayson Co TX on Jan 21, 1875 to Mary Sarilda "Mollie" Bush [Oct 12, 1854 Eddyville, Lyon Co KY-], dau of Lydia Clark [Sep 20 VA-Nov 26, 1888 Hebron Cem, Grayson Co TX] and Wm Bush [1809 KY-aft 1880 Grayson Co TX cen]. ..Reece CSA service: Sims' 9th TX Cav, Co H; Bourland's Border Regiment, Co A. ..Wm Reece b. Citizen's Cem, Donley Co TX. ..Issue, 8 ch:


8a) Wm McElroy "Mack" Bourland, Dec 15, 1875 Grayson Co TX-Aug 29, 1955 Collingsworth Co TX and and m. Jan 18, 1900 Duncan, I.T. to Bessie Witt, 10 ch;

8b) Chs Bertram Bourland, Dec 22, 1877-Apr 25, 1878 Campbell Hill, Hunt Co TX;

8c) Frank Lynn Bourland, May 5, 1881 Gainesville TX-Jun 26, 1961 Donley Co TX and m. Edna Condron, 2 ch;

8d) Annie Laurie Bourland, Mar 19, 1884 Gainesville TX-Feb 27, 1944 Donley Co TX single,

8e) Mary Ella Bourland, Mar 17, 1887 Hope IT-Jul 3, 1937 Donley Co TX and m. Ed Lyle King, no ch;

8f) James Belden Bourland, Dec 28, 1889 Duncan IT-Feb 16, 1951 Dallas Co TX and m. Ruby Heisler, 2 ch;

8g) Fenn Howard Bourland, Nov 21, 1892 Duncan IT-Nov 13, 1983 Newberg, Yamhill Co OR and m-Sallye Medley, 1 ch;

8h) Edith Mina Bourland, Apr 22, 1896 Duncan IT-Jan 4, 1973 Dallas TX m. Oscar Jenkins, 1 ch.

9. Nancy Margaret "Nan" Bourland, m-Goodland, Choctaw Nat IT on Apr 21, 1864 to Christopher Columbus "Lum" Colbert [Jul 8, 1844 near Colbert Station IT-Mar 25, 1883 Gainesville, Cooke Co TX], son of Caroline Moore [1816 nr Holly Springs MS (now Marshall Co)-1896 Union Chapel School Cem, Peaceable Valley, Choctaw Nat [now Pittsburg Co OK] and James Isaac Colbert [1805 MS-1854 Old Goodland, near Doakesville IT]. ..1864 marr cere perf by O.P. Stark. ..Lum's CSA service: 1st Choctaw-Chickasaw Mtd. Regiment. ..Issue, 9 ch, first 8 born (2 died young) Bald Mountain, Pound's Valley, Choctaw Nat IT (now Pittsburg Co OK):

9a) Mattie Colbert c1865-1890 Duncan IT and m-Jim Weaver, no ch;

9b) James Belden Colbert, b-c1868-disappeared c1926 Step Co OK area, and m. c1895 Hope, Step Co OK to Ida Ince Wall, 7 ch;

9c) Carrie Colbert, Aug 1870-1958 Bethany, OK Co OK and m. 1886 to Frank Wiley Jones, 6 ch;

9d) Samuel Tilden "Sam" Colbert, Nov 1876-disappeared (Idaho or Utah) and m. 1902 Duncan IT to Georgia Alberta "Bert" Witt, 7 ch;

9e) Thomas Rutherford "Oad" Colbert, Mar 1879-Feb 8, 1939 Corsicana, Navarro Co TX, Duncan Cem, and m. Lillie Stubblefield, 2 ch;

9f) Mary Eliza Colbert, Nov 1881-1911 Duncan OK and m. Burton Barnes, 3 ch;

9g) Lillie Kitinks Colbert, 1882-Jul 23, 1900 and m. 1899 to Nelson Coke Williams.


William Reece Bourland's Confederate records:

1861 Lamar Co TX, Aug 31....William Reece Bourland enlisted in Captains N.W. Townes-W.B. Sims’ Company “H”
Militia on Aug 31, 1861, Texas State Troops in Paris, Lamar Co TX. The value of his horse was $125 while the value
of his rifle was $65. Then on Oct 14, 1861 they were mustered into the C.S.A. at Camp Brogden Springs in northern
Grayson Co TX, age 19, Co H, Sims’ 9th Texas Cavalry.

1861 Civil War, Nov....In Nov-Dec 1861 the 4th Regt Cav, with 677 men, was assigned to Col James McIntosh.

1862 Civil War, Mar....On Mar 7-8, 1862, they engaged in the Battle of Elkhorn Tavern where Col. Wm. B Sims was
wounded (same as Battle of Pea Vine Ridge).

1862 Civil War Apr,.....On Apr 24, 1862 they were in Memphis TN area. ...Apr 29, 1862 the 4h TX Cav assigned to the
Army of the West (Maj Gen Van Dorn), James' Div, Brig-Gen. J.S. Roans' Brig-Gen, Sims' Cav Regt. (It is interesting
to note that they resumed their purely Texas identity as the 9th Texas Cavalry Regt).

1862...Oct 5, 1862 fought at Hatchie River at the Davis’ Bridge, called Battle of Hatchie Bridge, with CSA losses: 594
killed, 2102 taken prisoner. ..about Oct 23-25, 1862 prisoners taken to Memphis, Shelby Co TN for parole or
exchange." per ORserIv17/1[S#24]pp01-798

"W.R. Bourland was taken prisoner at Hatchie Bridge [near Corinth, Alcorn or Tippah Co MS], while he was serving
in the First Arkansas Sharpshooters, Co K (W.R. Bourland's Co H, 9th Cav had been detached to Stirman's 1st AR
Sharpshooters prior to the Oct 1862 Battle of Corinth-Hatchie Bridge). W.R. Bourland was captured Oct 5, 1862 as an
AR Sharpshooter, then paroled Oct 13, 1862, he was reassigned to the 9th Cavalry, Co H, still located in Mississippi,
then paid Oct 31, 1862, eighteen (18) days after parole; last muster roll on last pd Jun 30, 1963, no longer present Aug
28, 1863. During the months of Jul, Aug and early Sep,1863 over seventy (70) men left the 9th Cav CSA near Jackson
MS and went back to Texas. We have no accounting of W.R. Bourland's whereabouts bet Aug 1863 and Dec 1864,
then [Col James] Bourland's Border Regt muster roll records show W.R. Bourland present in Dec 15, 1864 detailed as
a nurse at Camp Nicholson,” west of Delaware Bend, on Red River, maybe on the North side of Red River. per
Rosemary English of Lubbock TX.

1862 Hardeman Co TN, Bolivar, Oct 13. W.R. Bourland paroled, Hdqts 2nd Division D, West Tenn. "…Somewhere
in Mississippi (according to W.M. Bourland’s affidavit written from his memory of the account of Wm Reece
Bourland’s status in the 9th Texas Cavalry). ...Names were read notifying those who were exchanged, and Father being
one of the number, he and others reported to their former commander to be told that a mistake had been made. The
commanding officer told them that it is my duty to order you back to parole camp. You do as you like. On their way
back to parole camp Father and five (5) others decided to try to return to TX. They crossed the Mississippi River in an
oar boat and swam their horses beside the boat. After getting across the river, they separated into pairs. Father said he
never saw the other two pairs again. ...he returned and reported to Gen. Jim Bourland.” per 1930 letter of Wm McElroy
Bourland. per BBv22n1p3 (Spring 1998), Texas CSA Widow’s Pension Application No. 49356. ... “Wm. Reece
Bourland decided to head for home; he swam a mule across the Mississippi River.” per Fred Witt Bourland of Quail

1863 Hardeman Co TN, Aug 28. “absent without leave since Aug 28, 1863.” on CSA return.

W.R. Bourland, maybe a deserter. p191: “The Missing are as follows Lieut. Sam A. Griffith [of Lamar Co TX] — is
a prisoner —- has been heard from —J.F.R. Williams — M.N. Thomas — W.B. Carico — J.P. Norris — J.B. Johnstone
— H.H. Miller & W. Bourland are missing & supposed to be prisoners. The fate of those missing will be known in a
few days as all prisoners are to be paroled in two days from time of capture. ...p266: I got up this morning minus a
pocket book & and near seven hundred [$700] in cash, and my finest horse. I am satisfied a scoundrel who deserted the
Regt took my horse, but ca’nt [can’t] tell where my money went — several pocket books were stolen. Ten men from
my company were old Co[mpany] are missing this morning. I think they left because of dissatisfaction with Lt. S.A.
Griffith, who was ordered on duty a few days ago. I prevailed upon him this morning to decline promotion & Lt.
[John] Fowler will be promoted in his stead. There were several other references to the 32 deserters that mystified
Bates. .....p270: The Confederacy’s refusal to exchange black prisoners was one of several factors that led to the
breakdown in the summer of 1863 of an 1861 agreement between the governments of Richmond and Washington to
exchange prisoners.” per pp191, 266, 270, 272 of A Texas Cavalry Officer’s, The Diary of James C. Bates, Louisana
State Univ Press, edited by Richard Lowe (1999).

1863 Caddo Parish, Shreveport, Oct 5 .....[Confederate] Special Orders No. 155. ......

VI. Maj. James C. Bates, Ninth Regiment Texas Cavalry, will, with the officers detailed for that purpose,
proceed to collect at once all absentees from Whitfield's brigade, Texas cavalry, and send them to
Shreveport, La. All officers will give such aid to Major Bates and his officers as they can to assist in the duty
with which they are charged.

By command of Lieut. Gen. E. Kirby Smith: Hdqts, Trans-Mississippi Dept,, S.S. Anderson, Assistant Adjutant-

General. per ORserIv26/2[S#42]p372. (order for W.R. Bourland’s commander until Aug 1863).

Editor’s note: The Eastern Confederates repeatly reported that the Texas soldiers thought they should be on
horseback most of the time.

1864 Fannin Co TX, Camp Nicholson, Dec 15, W.R. Bourland detailed as hospital nurse at Camp Nicholson"....Dr.
Stone asked Col. James Bourland to detail W.R. as his bodyguard, which he did until the end of the war. I do not remember Dr [J.B.] Stone's given name or initials, but do know he was the father of John Stone and Will Stone who were cattlemen in and around Gainesville." per 1930 Mack Bourland memo, see BBv22n1p3...Camp Nicholson was
probably a private home or barn. ...Bourland's Border Regiment listed J.B Stone as the company physician

....Wm Reece Bourland's name was on the regimental return of Company A, Bourland's Border Regt TX Cavalry,
CSA Jan 1865, and was at Camp Nicholson in Dec 1864. Co A located at Camp Simon 15 miles southwest of Ft
Arbuckle IT [now Garvin Co OK], under the command of Capt C.L. Roff. per Smith's FRONTIER DEFENSE IN THE CIVIL WAR, p118. (see map BBv22n4p8)



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