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Sadly there are no good records of the guards at Camp Ford. This is especially true for the reserve corps units that came in and out.

A source of guards was a constant problem. From the summer of 1863 through April of 64 they were apparently militia and members of the Walter P. Lane Rangers. In early November 1864 when the first large contingent of prisoners arrived, the situation was so critical that armorers from the Ordnance Works were sent out to guard the yanks.

Anderson's cavalry regiment served as guards from April 1864 until July of that year. A mass desertion occurred on July 20 occurred and a reserve corps battalion from north Texas was ordered to Tyler along with Sweet's 15th Texas Cavalry. In September Brown's 35th Texas Cavalry was ordered to Tyler.
At the same time the guard was supplemented with Jamison's batallion of the Reserve Corps.
I have never been able to positively identify Jamison, and the spelling varies from Jamerson, Jimmerson to Jamison. My presumption is that it was comprised of Companies from NE Texas, with some being from Smith and probably Cherokee Counties. I have been able to identify one company as being primarily from Smith County which was Rucker's company of Jamison's batallion.
This information has been built from bits and pieces of information. There is a roster of Rucker's company at the State Archives, but until it is filmed it is not accessible.

The records of the Reserve corps are small and fragmentary. Send me more details and I will try to be of more assistance. I would like to see his pension application.

Randy Gilbert

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