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I don't know if you have this or not so, here you go.

Lewis C. Garrison (First_Last)
Regiment Name 16 Texas Cavalry
Side Confederate
Company C
Soldier's Rank_In Private
Soldier's Rank_Out Private
Alternate Name
Film Number M227 roll 13

Texas 16th Cavalry Regiment Orginization

Organized at Dallas in Early 1862. Dismounted in April 1862. Surrendered by General E.K. Smith, Commanding Trans Mississippi department, on 26 May 1865.
First Commander : Colonel. William Fitzhugh
Field Officers: William W. Diamond, ( Major, lt. Colonel .) Edward P. Gregg, ( Lt. Col. Colonel. )


1. Department of Texas January - February 1862
2.Eastern District of Texas, Department of Texas February - May 1862.
3.Eastern District of Texas, Trans Mississippi Department May - August 1862.
4.Flournoys Brigade,Nelsons- McCulloch's Division, 2nd Corps, Trans Mississippi Department. September - January 1863.
5.Flournoys Brigade, McCulloch's - Walkers Division, District of Arkansas, Trans Mississippi Department. February - March 1863
6.McCulloch's- Flournoys- Scurry's Brigade, Walkers Texas Division.District of Western louisianna, Trans Mississippi Department. May 1863 - April 1864.
7. Scurry's- Waterhouse's Brigade, Walkers division, District of Arkansas,Trans Mississippi Department. April - May 1864
8. Waterhouse's Brigade , Walkers Division, District of Western louisianna,Trans Mississippi Department, May - September 1864.
9. 2nd ( Waterhouse's ) Texas Brigade, 1st ( Forneys ) Texas Division, 1st Corps, Trans Mississippi Department. September 1864 - May 1865.


Round Hill, on Cache River. 07 July 1862 Millikens Bend 07 June 1863
Red River Campaign March - May 1864
Camden Expedition March - May 1864
Mansfield 08 April 1864
Pleasant Hill 09 April 1864
Jenkins Ferry 30 April 1864

Source of information : " Compendium of the Confederate Armies, Texas " Stewart Sifakis, 1995, Facts on File Books .

You can order copies of his records at this site.

Good hunting!
Gary D. Bray

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