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Gillespie, Kimble, Llano, Mason, Menard, San Saba

re: 34 petitioners from Gillespie, Kimble, Llano, Mason, McCulloch, Menard, and San Saba Counties TX.

Please help identify the 34 petitioners requesting protection from marauding Indians. ..Colonel James Buckner "Buck' Barry of Mason County forwarded this March 1864 petition to Colonel James Bourland in Gainesville, Cooke County. ..These handwritten documents from THE BOURLAND PAPERS can be viewed on:

Petition of 34 Mason County Area Residents

(ca. March 3, 1864)

Lieut. Col. Barry, Commanding Frontier Battalion
We the undersigned citizens of Mason, Menard, McCulloch, San Saba, Llano, Kimble, and Gillespie Counties beg leave to represent to you that since the removal of Capt. [G. B.] Cooke’s company from Camp San Saba, these counties have suffered more from Indian depredations than ever before [.] ..The country seems to be literally swarming with Indians at present and has been so far ten or fifteen days [since] the Indians have attacked several houses, killed women and children and carried some children off — one young lady, Miss Alice Todd from Mason County.

We know the interest you feel in the frontier people. ..We know from personal knowledge of the great Indian (torn page) __ through the __ (torn) and especially (torn) across the San Saba River __ (torn) ... bona fide in your __ use the force to the best possible advantage you feel therefore that we have only to __ (torn) have done in brief the actual condition __ (torn) here and you will return Capt. Cooke’s Company to the San Saba River if you can do __ we speak of that company, more particularly become many have their wives, their children, their mares, __ (torn) and must therefore (torn) __ deep personal interest in the welfare of this section.

We are with high respect,

Verry truly,
Your Obedient Servants,

Ake, G. [W.] ... George Grundy William Ake, 1839 AR-1883 Kimble County TX, Little Saline Cemetery, Menard County TX;
......m,1-1864 Burnet County TX to Mary Evelyn Pankey, 2 ch; m,2-1874 Maehulda (Pearl) Ake Burt, 4 ch; mustered into
......Capt. F. Brazeale's Apr 1864 Llano County TST Militia plus Capt. James S. Bourland's (b-1826) Company of TST Militia
Coffee, [T.] L. ... Thomas Logan, "Tom" Coffee(1825 Bedford Co VA-c1895), son of Joshua A. Coffee; lived Coffeeville,
......Upshur County TX; worked the N-Bar-N Ranch, Carson County TX
Coin, J. M.
Haney, T.
Hilliard, James
Johnson, James [P.] ... James Polk Johnson, Aug 24, 1845 GA-Oct 18, 1885, built several buildings in Johnson City,
...... Blanco County TX named for him; m-1871 DeWitt County TX to Julia Ann Moore
King, __
King, J. P.
Levy, J. S.
Livingston, A.
Luce, D. L. ... D. L. Luce, m-Sarah M.; CSA Hays County TX pension #10100; widow's pension #12894
Mace, __
McFarling, [T. G.]....................... one T. G. McFarlin, b-1838
McFarling, [? T.] R., K., or J. ... one T. John McFarlin, b-1827
Miller, A. J.
Miller, F. M.
Miller, Joseph
Miller, T. M.
Murray, W. T. ... Wiley T. Murray, 1830 Fayette Co AL-1898 San Saba Co TX and m,1-Sarah H. Hubbert; m,2-Eliz. J. Sloan; ......postmaster 1857, 1861 San Saba
Reid, Wm. D.
Singleton, G. M.
Vanderver, A. L.
Vanderver, A. P. S.
Wilson, John [W.] ... John W. Wilson, b-1819; Capt. F. Brazeale's Apr 1864 Llano County TST Militia
Barry’s cover letter to Bourland

Mason County, Texas
[received] March 10, 1864

COLONEL [James Bourland, Gainesville TX]:
Respectfully referred to the Comdg. Gen. through Col. Bourland, this being the same petition that has come from these people. ..The other I sent back advising them to make known their distress to the Comdg. Gen. of their District. ..I am satisfied that these depredations are contained within the state and __ (torn page) about the time the Kickapoos depredated on our Frontier. ..I am personally acquainted with Liege Todd and his family. Todd of Mason County is some thirty or so miles from the end of __ (torn) the Indians depredate where that is.

J.B. Barry, Lt. Col. Comdg.

Battalion, Tex., Fontier Regt., C.S.Army

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Editor's note: I have spent an inordinate number of hours trying to identify these 34 petitioners including contacting researchers in each of these seven counties. ..After snail mailing identical research packages to these researchers for their libraries' vertical files, 6 of 34 petitioners are at least partially identified.
These documents are featured on vIp230 of my 1,022-page book.