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Major John R. Smith's Company B Waul's Texas Legion was, "Spy Company of Gonzales". Made up of men from Gonzales County Texas.

John R. Smith (First_Last)
Regiment Name Waul's Texas Legion
Side Confederate
Company B
Soldier's Rank_In Captain
Soldier's Rank_Out Major
Alternate Name
Film Number M227 roll 34

Here is a short unit history for Waul's Texas Legion.


Waul's Texas Legion

Waul's Legion completed its organization at Brenham, Texas, during the summer of 1862. It contained a cavalry battalion and an infantry regiment. However, the legion did not serve as one command. The cavalry battalion contained six companies, later increased to seven. It served in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, skirmished in Mississippi, then fought with Forrest in Western Tennessee and Kentucky. The unit returned to Mississippi, saw action in Hood's operations in Northern Georgia, and ended the war in Alabama. In October, 1863, it had 450 men present, but few surrendered with the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. The field officers were Lieutenant Colonel L. Willis; and Majors H. S. Parker, John R. Smith, and Benjamin F. Weeks. The infantry regiment contained twelve companies and served in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana. It fought in the Vicksburg Campaign and was captured on July 4, 1863. Here the unit reported 47 killed, 190 wounded, and 8 missing of the 381 engaged. After being exchanged and reorganized in Texas, it was stationed at Galveston attached to the Trans-Mississippi Department. In December, 1864, the regiment had 14 officers and 204 men, and in April, 1865, totalled 315 effectives. During May it disbanded. The field officers were Colonels Barnard Timmons and Thomas N. Waul; Lieutenant Colonels O. Steele and James Wrigley; and Majors E. S. Bollong, Allen Cameron, and Otto Nathusius.

Here is a link to more info. on Waul's Texas Legion.

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