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Grady Puryear:

Your Christal family members are mentioned several times in my 1,022-page book. ..In the 56 handwritten pages about Rowland's-Ward's-Brunson's intermingled militia listings that I abstracted into 5 consecutive pages includes the election of J.E. McCord as a major in the Frontier Regiment at Red River Station, Montague County, Texas on the 29th day December 1862. ..This batch of men became Company D in McCord's 46th Frontier Cavalry, CSA, in May 1864.



James H., b-1841 MO; m-Elzina; McCord's 2d Frontier Dist, TST (Sgt, Co D, McCord's 46th Cav, CSA), A-292, A-295, A-300
John R., maybe same as "I. B.", b-1839 MO; McCord's 46th Cav, Co D, CSA (Montague Co, TST), A-292, A-295
Roland, b-1846 MO; McCord's 2d Frontier Co Regt, Co D (Montague Co, TST), A-295

I just looked at my 56-page handwritten copy and every place that "I.B." is written, it is not a field copy, but an office "rewritten" copy. ..I think this "I.B." is due to copying a poor copy, which persisted until they recopied it again in May 1864. ..Keep in mind that geography and the scarcity of writing materials made keeping records difficult: small groups of men ranging the vast frontier. ..So just because a soldier's name isn't recorded doesn't mean he wasn't "protecting the frontier."

Plus the 1860 Denton County TX census shows "John R. Christal" age 21, the exact age of "I.B" in the 56-page copy. ..I do not have access to the 1850 Texas censuses.
Puryear entries in my 134-Name Index.

John Brent, b-1837 TN (Major, 11th TX Cav, CSA), A-3, A-280
John J., b-1841 GA; m-Elizabeth; Yager's 1st Cav (Lamar Co, TST), A-103
S. H., b-1822 VA; m-Rossine H. (Sgt, Co F, Bourland's Regt), A-18, A-28, A-30, A-220, A-321, A-322


Please send vital data or make corrections on your family mentioned in these index entries. ..By vital data, I mean:

1) full name of soldier
2) birth year and county
3) death year and county, cemetery
4) marriage year and county
5) spouse/s, full name/s
6) number of ch



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