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2d TX Mtd Cav; J.A. Lafferty of Parker County

re: Company H, Second Texas Mounted Cavalry commanded by Colonel Charles L. Pyron, most recruited from Parker and Johnson Counties.

Please send information about the men of Pyron's 2nd Mounted Cavalry, Company H


Roster of 2d TX Mounted Cavalry, Company found on:


Horton, Tex; May 8, 1897 ..... Letter from Captain James M. Roark describing J.A. Lafferty's CSA service:
To all whom it may concern
This is to certify that Jno A. Lafferty was a member of Co "H" 2nd Regt. Tex. Cav. C.S.A. from the 13th day of April 1861 until the close of the War in May 1865 and during all that time he was a true and faithful soldier he was wounded on the 21st day of June 1863 at the Battle of LaFouche crossing before Thibedeauville [LaFourche Parish] in La. ..I never gave any of my company a discharge when the war ended we marched out from under the guns of the Federal Gun boats and came home with all our arms and horses so we were neither paroled nor discharged. ..Pyron; Roark Capt Co. "H" regt. Tex Cav. C.S.A. ...(Horton, TX may be in Delta County)....
Regimental cards of Pvt. John Annis Lafferty:
Commanding officer Capt. H. A Hamner. Organization: Co. H. of Texas Mounted Riflemen, 2nd Regt, Col John S. Ford Commanding, TST tr. to CSA. Enlisted: April 13, 1861 at Weatherford, Texas; Mustered into TST May 8, 1861 at San Antonio; mustered into CSA May 23, 1861 at San Antonio for 12 months. Served 15 days at TST Age 22. Remarks: R.& F 108; En. Off. H.A. Hamner: Mus. off. C.L. Sayre & Ed Waller; appraiser C. L. Sayre; Val . H. $150, HE $15; trav. 300 mi. to place of rendezvous & 300 mi. home; Co. ord to be raised & org by Gov Clark under provisions of the Ordnance of the Convention; 3 MR, dtd. Ap 17, 1861, May 23, 1861 & Mar 15, 1862.
This 1897 to 1900 info that mentioned Hutchinson County; Roberts County; Galveston County; Panhandle, Carson County, Texas as well as Felix, Chaves County NM and Lincoln County NM.
CONFEDERATE PENSION APPLICATION ... John Annis Lafferty, of Hutchinson County CSA Pension application and obituary. ... sent by Mary Lafferty,
On the front of the Confederate Pension Application in Pencil it says "Resides in I .T. "
Stamped it has "Comptrollers office Received Nov 16 1890" (may be a typo)
"Comptroller's office Received Dec 7 1899"
Name of Applicant .. John A. Lafferty ..Hutchinson County. ..Post Office Panhandle, Texas
Comptrollers File No. 5539
I have carefully examined the within application for Pension, together with the proof then of and I recommend that the pension be Approved This 8 day of February A.D. 1900
Wm. J. Tranie
I hereby approve the application for pension, this 8 day of Feby A.D. 1900
R. M. Triny

In July 3, 1899 Application of Indigent Soldier or Sailor of the late Confederacy for pension under Act of May 12, 1899.

The State of Texas, County of Roberts ..To the Honorable County Judge of Roberts County, Texas

You petitioner John A. Lafferty respectfully represents that he is a resident of Hutchinson County, in the State of Texas, and that he makes application for the purpose of obtaining a pension under the act passed by the Twenty-sixth Legislature of the State of Texas, and approved May 12, A.D. 1899, the same being an act entitled "An act to carry into effect the amendment to the Constitution of the State of Texas, proving that aid may be granted to disabled and dependent Confederate soldiers, sailors, and their widows under certain conditions, and to make an appropriation therefor." and I do solemnly swear that the answers I have given to the following questions are true.

Q. What is your name? Answer John A. Lafferty

Q. What is your age? Answer 61 years on Sept 11" 1899

Q. What County do you reside? Answer Hutchinson

Q. How long have you resided in said County and what is your post office address? Answer Since April 1899, Panhandle [Carson County], Texas.

Q. Have you applied for a pension under the Confederate Pension Law heretofore, and been rejected? if so State when and where. Answer I have not.

Q. What is your occupation if able to engage in one? Answer, on a farm & work but little.

Q. What is your physical condition? Answer Bad

Q. If your physical condition is such that you are unable by your own labor to earn a support, state what caused such disability. Answer Comp. Exposure & wound received in Confederate Army.

Q. State in what company and regiment you enlisted in Confederate Army, and the time of your service? Answer. In Co. H. 2nd Tex. Con. April 1861- disabled in Aug 1864 never discharged nor paroled.

Q. If you served in the Confederate navy state when and where, and the time of your service. Answer. was not.

Q. State whether or not you have received any pension or veteran donation land certificate under any previous law, and if you answer in the affirmative state what pension or veteran donation land certificate you have received. Answer. Received a Land Certificate but failed in Location have certificate

Q. What real and personal property do you now own, and what is the present value of such property? Give list of such property and value. Answer 5 horses 1 mule 2 colts at $100, 1 wagon $30, 5 Cattle $90.

Q. What property, and what was the value thereof have you sold or conveyed within two years prior to the date of application? Answer have sold two school claims Received $925 , was in dept & paid indebtedness with its proceeds.

Q. What income, if any do you receive? Answer None

Q. Are you in indigent circumstances; that is, are you in actual want, and destitute of Property and means of subsistence? Answer In my own right I am, without such means.

Q. Are you unable by your labor to earn a support? Answer I am.

Q. Have you transferred to others any property of value of any kind for the purpose of becoming a beneficiary under this law? Answer I have not

Q. Did you ever desert the Confederacy? Answer I did not

Q. Have you been continuously since the first day of January, 1880, a bona fide resident citizen of the State? Answer I have Wherefore your petitioner prays that his application for pension be approved and that such other proceedings be had in the premises are required by law.

Signature of Applicant John A. Lafferty
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 3 day or July A.D. 1899

S.C. Carter (seal) County Judge Roberts County, Texas.

When John Lafferty died the weather was so cold that his son put him in the shed and the body froze. It took days for his son to dig the grave in the frozen ground. Later his son put a large grave stone on the grave. The grave now lies in the Lincoln Co. National Forrest in NM and the stone has is not in one piece any more. Looks like it came off the base.

Grandpa never took the oath of allegiance.

Obituary: John Annis Lafferty

Lafferty - John Annis Lafferty, son of J.B. and Sallie Lafferty was born in Carrollton, Ark, Sep 11, 1838; moved to Parker County, Texas in 1858, when that country was infested with Indians. When the call came to defend his home and country he volunteered enlisting in the Second Texas Cavalry, with Colonel Pyron in Command. He was in the battle of Galveston, and was twice wounded in the battle of Thibodeauville [Lafourche Parish], La. While at home recovering from these wounds he was converted and joined the M.E. Church, South. He was married to Miss Mary H. Lipsey on October 22 1863 in Wise County, Texas. ..Later he went to New Mexico from which place he went to be with god. April 26 1911. His life was an expression of God's forgiving love, and those who came in touch with him were made to feel that he had been with Christ. He was ordained deacon in the M.E. Church South and was ever active in the work of the Church on the frontier. He leave an aged wife and five children, four having preceded him to the better world. His body is resting on his own place in the snow capped mountains of New Mexico. ..Funeral services were conducted by J.F. Bandy, a volunteer in the army of General Sam Houston and a member of the Christian Church. Only his son and daughter were with him when he died. We mourn not as those who have no hope. ..May the children strive to meet where death is unknown. ..His daughter. Mrs J.A. Stegall,
Panhandle, Texas.
John Annis Lafferty born 11 Sept 1838 in Carrolton, Arkansas died 26 April 1911 on his ranch in Felix [Chavez County], NM that is now part of the Lincoln County National Forrest.