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C. B. Adams 8th TX - Beauvoir Soldiers Home Inmate


I am looking for information on a C. B. Adams who was an inmate at the Beauvoir Jefferson Davis Memorial Soldiers Home in Biloxi, Mississippi. He entered the home in March 1904 at 69 years of age from Holmes County, Mississippi and is listed as serving in the 8th Texas. This is the only information I have on him

I have searched Soldiers & Sailors and can't find a man by his name in any of the 8th Texas Regiments (I have no idea if it's cavalry, infantry, or artillery). I have checked the Mississippi pension book and he's not listed there either (doesn't mean he didn't get a pension, he's just not listed in the book, and he had to be eligible for a pension to enter the Home). Nor can I find him in the 1900 Census for Holmes County. I did find a Christopher Adams in 1900 in Madison Co., Miss who is about his age and a Charles Adams in Titus County, TX in 1860 who is the right age but have no way to know if they might be him.

I am currently working on my Senior Thesis on the Beauvoir Soldiers Home and as a side project I am trying to get the information for each inmate verified and accurate. As of now, there are lots of errors in the inmate information. Many inmates were too old or sick to remember their unit number or age, the registrar may have gotten distracted and written the info down wrong, or the info might just be illegible. Therefore, any of the info I'm providing on C. B. Adams could be wrong. Sometimes they might get the regiment number off by a couple (ex. 10th Infantry instead of 12th) so it's possible he's actually in another unit, or even in another state. Of course, it's always possible that I'm just overlooking him somewhere.

I'm working on trying to find out how many inmates were at the home from each state so it's important that I find out if he really served in the 8th TX.

I'm also interested in any info anyone may have on the Home or if anyone has information on any of the other veterans at the Home I'd appreciate it. I'd like to have service records on each inmate if possible.

Here's the veterans list if anyone is interested:

Lisa Foster

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C. B. Adams 8th TX - Beauvoir Soldiers Home Inmate
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