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New Indian Territory in the Civil War Website

Hi Aspiring and Published Authors and Researchers,

A new website is in its beginning stages of development. The Indian Territory in the Civil War website will soon go online and will be affiliated with History-Sites.Com, “The “Indian Territory in the Civil War Message Board”, and Ken Martin's highly-acclaimed "History of the Cherokee" website at

The foundation of the site will be primary source materials. Initially this will be predominately the Official Records (The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies) but the goal of the new site is to include as many personal letters, journals, memoirs, etc. as possible.

The purpose of this posting is to ask for your help in providing content for this new site. Telling the "whole" story of the Indian Territory's participation in the American Civil War is a BIG job and though Ken will be the owner and "html" author, there are many areas where he needs the help of our historians here on the History-Sites.Com message boards.

Ken tells me the initial areas where help is most needed include:

Identification of all units which served in the Indian Territory and...

For each of these units:

  • unit histories

  • organization(s) – field and staff, reorgs, etc.

  • rosters (Ken has rosters for all the Confederate Indian Units and for the Indian Home Guard regiments. It is the non-Indian unit rosters that are most needed.)

  • other information such as uniforms (or clothing), arms and equipment, flags, etc.

  • biographical and genealogical information

Primary source materials – transcribed or not. Personal letters, journals, memoirs, etc. related to the Indian Territory during the war are wanted. Also, transcribers for the non-transcribed materials may be needed.

It has been an ongoing goal of History-Sites.Com to promote high-quality, historical websites by using our combined resources on projects such as this one.

If you'd be interested in participating in this project, please contact Ken at


Jim Martin