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From Prince George

Here is an article which appeared in the Richmond daily dispatch and in the Petersburg express originally and was reprinted in the Raleigh daily progress on June 4, 1864

From the dispatch of Thursday

From the southside

Comparative quiet prevails about our line in Chesterfield County. A sharp skirmish took place on Tuesday on the south back of the Appomattox, and prince George county, between a portion of general dearing's command and a force of the enemies "nigger "troops. The enemy were strongly entrenched with their right flank protected by gunboats , Two of which moved up and participated in the fight. Our casualties were four killed and nine wounded – – among the former, lieutenant Tomlinson of the seventh Confederate Cavalry and Among the latter, the lieutenant colonel Kennedy, the kernel griffins and Georgia Cavalry. The loss of the enemy was numerically about the same.

From the express of Thursday

From prince George we have inauthentic reports of fighting in the vicinity of Gatlin's farm yesterday.. But until we can get some reliable information we prefer not to give them. Of one thing, However, there appears to be a little doubt. A reading party of about 100 Negro cavalry fired and destroyed the middle and Barnes belonging To Mr. Fred. Temple, and also Mr. James temples dwelling house. At the former place, we understand, these marauders were frightened off by two men who quench the flames that were spreading through Mr. T's dwelling

It is also stated, for the truth of which we cannot vouch, that the houses on Gatlin's and cooks farms, or burnt this party came a short distance in the direction of Petersburg but was mad about dark last evening, and driven back to their entrenchments by a portion of Dearing's cavalry

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