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April 17, 1864 (Sunday) 5 a.m., Hoke's Army broke camp and marched through Jamesville and arrived, at 4 p.m., 5 miles from Plymouth, NC where the 35th Regiment, Dearing's Cavalry and artillery joined him. From here Kemper's Brigade, most of the cavalry and some artillery were sent to attack Fort Gray two miles away. The remainder of his forces proceeded towards Plymouth where the assault started and continued until nightfall.

5/5/64 Richmond orders:
IX. The 59th NC Regt, Col Ferebee, the 65th NC Regt, Col Folk, the 62nd Ga Regt, Col Griffin, & the 7th Confederate Cav, Col Taliaferro, will constitute a Bgde, to the command of which Brig Gen James Dearing is hereby temporarily assigned.
59th NC Ferebee [4th NC Cav]
65th NC Folk [6th NC Cav]
62nd Ga Griffin
7th Confed Taliaferro

The Sixty-fifth (Sixth Cavalry) was in Davidson's Brigade, Pegram's Division, Forrest's Corps. Later it was in Harrison's Brigade, Hume's Division. In June, 1864, the Sixty-fifth was sent to Eastern North Carolina, where it served the balance of the war. It was assigned to Dearing's Brigade and ordered to Virginia, but never went.

5/18/64 Johnson’s Bgde is assigned to Ransom’s Div & Kemper’s Bgde to Hoke. The exchange to be made quickly
Gen D H Hill is assigned to the command of the Div of Wise & Martin’s Bgdes & Dearing’s Cav Bgde
Ransom’s Bgde is assigned temporarily to Johnson’s Div-Colquitt is assigned to Hoke’s Div

"Histories of the several regiments and battalions from North Carolina, in the great war 1861-'65"

Soon after the fight of Burgess' Mill a reorganization of the cavalry was effected and General Rosser was made a
Major-General and General Bearing was assigned to Rosser's Brigade, and General W. P. Roberts, who had been the gallant young Colonel of the Second, was placed in command of our (Dearing's) Brigade.
At the reorganization the Georgia material was placed together in Georgia commands, and the North Carolina troops in North Carolina commands. When General Dearing left to take charge of the Virginia Brigade he brought Lieutenant-Colonel Kennedy official notice of promotion to Colonel and assignment to the Seventh North Carolina Cavalry, which was the Seventy-fifth North Carolina Regiment. Being then on crutches he was assigned to duty as commandant of the post at Stoney Creek.

In February, 1865, General Dearing was transferred to a Virginia command. He was a splendid officer and his whole brigade regretted his change of command.

Brigadier-General Roberts, of North Carolina, was assigned to a new brigade composed of our regiment [75th NC] and the Fifty-
Ninth North Carolina [4th NC Cavalry] in February, and commanded us till the end.

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