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major William F graves, Second Virginia cavalry

When Fitzhugh Lee returned from the Shenandoah Valley to join lee's army at Petersburg, he stopped off and Richmond to leave his dismounted man to help man the trenches. The commander of fitz's dismounted cavalry was major William F graves of the second Virginia cavalry

I want to learn more about the experiences of the dismounted cavalry during the Appomattox campaign. I looked at the regimental history for the second Virginia cavalry since this is the regiment that graves belonged to.

The book has two quotes from Graves relating to April 9, 1865 , but it's not clear from the bibliography where the quotes came from. I phoned Robert J Driver, the author of the second Virginia Cavalry regimental history, but he doesn't know where the quote came from either. However, he said it came from the diary kept by graves

Have any of you heard of a graves diary