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Munford Spots the Newly Arrived Fifth Corps

About 1 p.m.. Lt. Wythe b. graham, 8th Va. Cavalry, adjutant of the picket watching Pickett’s left flank, sent a messenger to munford bearing this news of fighting on his front Munford’s headquarters were within view of Fitz Lee’s so he brought the courier to Fitz Lee Fitz Lee was mounted and ready to ride out. He perused the message and said, "Well, Munford, I wish you go over in person at once and see what this means, and, if necessary, order up youir division and let me hear from you."

Munford rode south along the ford road accompanied by Henry C. Lee and several couriers. He spied Pickett and Lee riding north together in the direction of Hatcher’s Run. Leaving ford road, Munford and his escort rode eastwards along the rear of the infantry line. The skirmishing along the infantry line had become very brisk. This did not prevent the infantry from trading friendly insults with Manford’s cavalry escort. Upon reaching the eastern end of the line Munford encountered two wounded men from Capt. Thomas Roulhac’s sharpshooers. They gave munford directions of how to reach his picket line.

A short time after Munford reached the picket line of the 8th virginia cavalry, one of the pickets pointed out to him the V Corps forming up in the distance at Gravely Run Church. He sent adjutant general and inspector general with this news. Capt. Henry Lee rode along the length of the infantry line searchng for Pickett, but Pickett and Lee had left their head quarters and could not be found. Over the next two or three hours Munford waite3d helplessly the V Corps marched to Gravely Run Church and began to form for its attack on the confederate left.

Munford selected a little field enclosed by fences located about 600 yards east of ransom and ordered up his division, which rode through the woods non a narrow road, until they reached the rear of the 8th Virginia Cavalry’s picket line. Here they dismounted as they arrived and sent their horses to the rear.

arrived mounted. The position was 600 yards east of "the return" thrown up by ransom. They barely had time to dismount, tear down a fence for cover before the Federal infantry were in their front. Munford’s command delivered a volley of fire into the divisions of ayres while at the same tiome the skirmioshe4rs of ransom’s brigbade under Rholac fired into ayres’ left flank from the return.