The Virginia in the Civil War Message Board

part 2 April 1,1865 Five Forks

On the far right of the Confederate line Gen. Richard Beale’s cavalry brigade stretched from the edge of the woods at the western boundary of the property of Mrs. Mary GIlliam to the driveway of the Glliam house, known as Burnt Quarters.

On his left Gen. Gen Mongomery Corse’s infantry brigade stretched from the driveway to the woods at the eastern boundary of the Gilliam house. Col. Joseph Mayo’s brigade stretched from the woods to Five Forks.

Gen. George H Steuart’s brigade stretched from Five Forks to the edge of the land owned byMr. John Syndor. Gen. Matt Ransom’s brigade stretched from the boundary of Sydor's property to the angle, a line of earthworks at right angle to the main confederate line. Gen. William Wallace's brigade held the angle. This was the far left of Pickett's line.

Two cavalry divisions under Gen. wesley Merritt faced the Confederate forces. The two brigades of Gen. George A. Custer's 3rd Division occupied the line west of the Scott Road. The three brigades of Gen Thomas Devin's 1st Division were positioned east of the road. West of the road the dismounted troopers of Capehart's cavalry brigade confronted Corse and Beale and Col. Alexander Pennington's brigade faced Mayo's Brigade. East of the Scott road. Col. Charles L Fitzhugh's Brigade held the ground opposite Steuart. Gen. Alfred Gibbs'' reserve brigde stood opposite Ransom. Stagg's Michigan Brigade was on the far right but to the rear of GIbbs thus protecting his flank. Munford's cavalry division was on the Five Forks road in reserve. Wells' Brigade was at dinwiddie Courthouse.

Pickett had 11,000 men and Merritt had about 5,000.