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As to the battles the 30th was involved in, Mr. Soles says he used Sifakis's Compendium. In his research Mr. sifakis generally copied word for word the Official Records available. Some units had better historians than others so this is probably the reason the 30th shows fewere engagements that the 51st. Not a publishing error, but error by omission on the part of the author. Sifakis tended to do this quite a bit. his works should be used as a guide only in research and not as gospel.

At Fort Donelson, Adams' Battery was part of Floyd's Brigade

Floyd's Brigade

Twenty-second Regiment Virginia Volunteers
Thirty-sixth Regiment Virginia Volunteers
Forty-fifth Regiment Virginia Volunteers
Fiftieth Regiment Virginia Volunteers
Fifty-first Virginia Regiment Volunteers
Twentieth Regiment Mississippi Volunteers
Thirteenth Regiment Georgia Volunteers
Phillips' Legion Georgia Volunteers (infantry and horsemen)
Guy's Battery of Virginia (four pieces of artillery)
Adams' Battery of Virginia (four pieces of artillery)
Eighth Regiment of Cavalry of Virginia

I don't know of any written accounts of the battery's activities at Donelson, but it was probably assigned to the same area as French's Battery on the western perimeter of the fort's defenses. From its organization in June, 1861 the battery was involved in operations in West Virginia at Cross Lanes, Carnifex Ferry, Scarrytown, and others. It was sent ot Fort Donelson in January 1862.
When the battery was exchanged after its capture at donelson it was reorganized as Co. A of the 30th Battalion of Virginia Sharpshooters. French's Battery became co. B, and Vawter's Battery became Co. C. The Bn. was made up of 6 companies. As to its battles, being designated as sharpshooters, the battalion was involved in many engagements.

Try this book:

Shock Troops
of the Confederacy
The Sharpshooter Battalions of the Army of Northern Virginia by Fred L. Ray


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