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Captain Lucien W. Richardson's Co Va Arty
James City Artillery, James City County; formerly Co H, 32nd Regt Va Inf; formerly Co B [also called Co A] 1st Regt Va Arty; formerly Co B, 1st Bn Va Lt Arty; became independent Company when the 1st Bn Va Lt Arty was disbanded by S.O. No. 14, A&IGO, dated January 18, 1865; roll dated February 28, 1865, shows company serving under Major W. H. Gibbes in the Arty Corps.

A Guide to Virginia Military Organizations, 1861-1865, Lee A. Wallace, Jr.

Virginia James City Artillery Battery
Organized by the conversion of Co H, 32nd Inf Regt, to Arty service ca. September 1861. Served as Co B {also Co A], 1st Arty Regt, and as Co B, 1st Arty Bn, until January 18, 1865.
Armed with two 32-lb Smoothbores from June 24, 1862 to July 1, 1862. Served as Hvy Arty in 1864-1865. Armed with three hvy guns on December 30, 1864.
Surreendered Appomattox Court House, Virginia, April 9, 1865
First Commander: Alex Hamilton Hankins [Captain]
Captain: Lucien W. Richardson
Assigned Chaffin's Bluff from September 1863 to April 1865
In September 1864 they were part of the Artillery Defenses, Dept of Richmond

The Compendium of the Confederate Armies - Virginia - Stewart Sifakis

From what I have read, I believe they were probably in and around Fort Gilmer.

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